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Opinions sought on true strobe clip-on tuners

Discussion in 'Accessories [DB]' started by John Le Guyader, May 24, 2017.

  1. John Le Guyader

    John Le Guyader Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2006
    DC Metro
    I am in the market for a new clip-on tuner and during my search I've noticed a bunch of relatively new (and not so new) strobe tuners. I am going to list them below via Amazon links.

    Any opinions generally about strobe vs. non-strobe clip-ons and/or the newer strobe clip-ons? Bang for buck, versus sensitivity versus practical usability are points I am looking for. I'll be using this for upright as well as electric/acoustic bass guitar and I don't have experience with clip-on strobe tuners at all. I am not looking for a pedal version.

    The list in no special order (not saying this is a definitive list, just what I could find on Amazon):

    ZenStrobe by Crescendo ($28.95 Prime) (Amazon.com: Crescendo ZenStrobe TRUE STROBE Clip-On Tuner, for Any or All Instruments, Acoustic, Electric, Classical Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele , Most Accurate Available, Professional Grade: Musical Instruments

    Intellitouch PT10S ($29.75 free shipping) Amazon.com: Intellitouch Easy Strobe Tuner: Musical Instruments

    TC Polytune Clip-On ($49.00 Prime) Amazon.com: TC Electronic PolyTune Clip: Musical Instruments

    Old Perterson Stroboclip (discontinued but still available $80 at Guitar Center) Amazon.com: Peterson StroboClip Clip-On Strobe Tuner: Musical Instruments

    New Peterson Stroboclip HD (not yet on Amazon $60 at Sweetwater) Peterson StroboClip HD Clip-on StrobeTuner - High Definition

    StrobeX ET-03 ($35.00 Prime) Amazon.com: Guitar Tuner Clip On Strobe For Beginners and Professionals That Tunes Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Classical Guitars And Modes For Chromatic,Ukulele,Violin.Electronic Super Tight Tuning High Sensitive Vibration Sensor. Discounted Black Friday Gift. Lifetime Warranty. Fast, Accurate Yet Easy To Use. Word's Smallest Clip on Strobe Tuner. Compact And Swivels 360 Degrees. Sweetened Modes Preferred By Musicians. Strobex Allows You To Tune Like A Pro!: Musical Instruments

    ENO ET-03 ($11.99 free shipping) (looks the same as StrobeX) Amazon.com: ENO Strobe Guitar Tuner, Clip on Bass Tuner, LED and LCD Display, Vibration Sensor, Compact and Swivels 360 Degrees: Musical Instruments

    Korg SHPRO Sledgehammer Pro Clip-On Guitar Tuner ($19.59 free shipping) Amazon.com: Korg SHPRO Sledgehammer Pro Clip-On Guitar Tuner: Musical Instruments
  2. BobKay

    BobKay Supporting Member

    Nov 5, 2012
    Estero, Florida; USA
    I use the old Peterson Stroboclip. I have two of them, one for each of my basses. It never fails to give a reading. It does take some getting used to, and the style is clearly not for everyone. But compared to everything else I've tried, I like it the best. It works both clipped to the bridge, or to the scroll. It will pick up a low D when I drop the E, which is very infrequently, but it does work.
  3. jlmorgan84

    jlmorgan84 Supporting Member

    Feb 16, 2014
    Clemson, SC
    I have the TC Polytune and I like it, but to be honest I don't use the strobe function that much, my impression is it's more of a simulation than a true strobe tuner. Using the "bass" mode it tracks an upright really well, better than any other tuner I've used. The only problem I have is that normally I like to clip the tuner to the bridge, but the Polytune has sensor that flips the screen so that it's always the right way up, kind of like on your smart phone, but when clipped to the bridge with the screen facing the ceiling, it just flips back and forth all the time and is impossible to read. Works fine clipped to the scroll.
  4. Michael Eisenman

    Michael Eisenman Supporting Member

    Jun 21, 2006
    Eugene, Oregon
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  5. John Le Guyader

    John Le Guyader Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2006
    DC Metro
    good idea...will keep that in mind, and PitchGrabber 12.99 on amazon
  6. I use a Korg PitchHawk G2.
    Clipped to the bridge it even tracks a low B, at the pegbox the E gets tracked well, the low B not so much. Works also with my 6-string bass guitar clipped to the headstock.
    Nothing to complain, but I put it in a padded box for transport, the clipping arm is not the strongest ...
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  7. bassfran

    bassfran Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2012
    Endorsing artist: Lakland basses
    I have the same tuner (tracks great) and agree, the arm's not the most robust I've seen. I just clip mine to the bridge- doesn't get lost that way.
  8. I just picked up a Polytune Clip-on. So far it works really well on my upright. I've used both strobe and non-strobe modes and they're both quite usable, stable and accurate. As the fellow above said, the automatic screen flip is annoying when you clip to the bridge. I've managed okay by tipping my bass back so it stays in one orientation. I wish they would make it a button-selectable orientation rather than auto because I really prefer to use it on the bridge. It stores better there when I put it the bass in the bass bag. But that's my only gripe with it. I like the metal construction. Most clip-on tuners are made of flimsy plastic and I've have a couple of broken ones. This one will probably last. In fact I bought a second one for my guitars and it works great on them too.
  9. Levin S

    Levin S Supporting Member

    Apr 21, 2007
    Charlotte N.C.
    Another vote here for the Polytune clip.

    I recently lost the rubber bumper part of the clip. Sent an email to the tech support folks and had one in the mail immediately. Also came with a fair amount of stickers and promo stuff (lanyard etc.) in the package along with a nice note thanking me for using a TC product.

    The only possible negative I would point out is that the tuner will automatically power down after a certain bit of time. If you are only using it for tuning purposes, no big deal at all. However, if you are using it for practicing intonation the tuner powering down may be a bit annoying.

    What personally steered me toward the Polytune over other units, was the fact that I have broken countless amounts of plastic units and the clip on this one is quite substantial. My only fear was that I would lose the rubber bumper portion at some point (I can lose anything) that was quickly resolved by the TC folks.

    Good luck bud!
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