P bass build.

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  1. Hey TB,

    I am starting a new thread for each of the basses I am working on (three now). If you are interested here is the old thread.


    So here we go. This is a replacement body for a Pbass that I have. Here is the scoop.

    Ash Body
    Chambered for weight
    Red Cedar Accent lines

    Heres where I am at.

    My original thought was to rip off the top and hollow out some chambers to get the weight down. I got northern Ash and the weight of shaped blank was about 8 lbs! I got nervous about not being able to hide the glue line so I thought that I would add a small accent line using veneer. I, however, really like symmetry. I decided I would rip off the top and bottom, hollow out and add two accents to make a pinstriped body. Heres where it went a little south. The only saw I could find to cut the already shaped body was a monster 22" throat bandsaw:eek: The guy did a good job but the blade left such a rough cut that, after sanding, I am left with about 1 3/8" total thickness. I was shooting for 1 5/8"

    I could not find any 1/8" veneer (or thins etc.) so I am going to get some red cedar rip it and make my own. Laminate it all together and see how it turns out. I had originally thought to paint the body translucent white, so the more mistakes I make, the more white it is going to get.:D

    I hope to get it all glued up this weekend. Then I can start shaping the contours, which I am really looking forward to.
  2. Well it did not go so good...

    Looks Ok from here

    And here

    But the cedar tore out in one place on both sides.`I am also not thrilled with the color. I may have found a place in Bellingham that will mill me up some custom thickness veneer. I will call them tomorrow.

    Lesson learned. Take you time with the router and always be willing to do it again.

  3. I read somewhere that you should keep your wood stickered and weighted until you use it. I wish I had listened to that. I left the three parts for this body in a stack by themselves and this happened:


    I wetted the concave side and weighted them, but we'll see if they straighten out.


    Lesson learned.

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    Ouch... will be fun to watch your progress!