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Palatino vs. Aria SWB Lite One

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by quasimono, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. quasimono


    Feb 20, 2006
    Hi Everybody,

    i am planning on buying a EUB to use with my funkband's acoustic set.

    Right now, i am playing an old EKO Fretless Acoustic Bass mounted on some freaky construction of a cymbal stand and guitar stand.. ;)

    two models, which are available to me here in germany, are to wihich i narrowed down the search so far:

    - the Palatino EUB

    - the Aria SWB Lite One

    my local dealer says, the Aria is much better construction- and soundwise, whereas the Palatino is nice looking but not so nice sounding..

    so, any sugestions on these two EUB's?

    Maybe, someone could lead me to some sound-clips of both basses?

    i must say, that i prefer the Aria over the palatino as of now, so i am very interested to hear from you ,should you happen to own one...

    thank you and greetings,
    quasimono :)
  2. I never played either ones, but from all I read on them here, I'd get the Aria without any hesitation!
  3. Go with the one that sounds good!
    Actually I think the Aria is much better looking and certainly better designed all round. I tried to buy one but no-one carries them in Australia.
    I've played the Palatino - it does not seem to be in the same class. It's a cheaply made instrument that needs some upgrading to make it playable, but is over-priced in this country.
  4. Gasp!


    Apr 27, 2005
    I saw the Aria has a mapple neck. For an EUB, is it "hard" enough?
  5. Maple is used for necks since centuries. (basses included)
    Since when is it a problem?
  6. Gasp!


    Apr 27, 2005
    Oopppsss.....Little mistake.... No problem for the neck.
    My question was about the fingerboard. ( I know it's OK for basses, but I don't know if it's OK for an EUB ( Or a DB)
  7. Well, on this page:


    It says:

    Neck: Maple, Bolt-on
    Scroll Head

    Fingerboard: Rosewood,

    So where's the problem?
    Rosewood is as hard as ebony methinks.
  8. Brent Nussey

    Brent Nussey

    Jun 27, 2001
    Tokyo, Japan
    Actually, the bass he's talking about is this one:

    It also has a rosewood board, though. I think an ebony board would be harder/better, but probably you won't get one in this price range. Anyway, I have played this bass, and all the other Arias, here in local music shops, and I liked this one the best of all the Arias. Somehow the lighter construction made the instrument more flexible, so it responded more like a proper acoustic bass, which was more comfortable for me.

    I haven't played the Palatino, but their acoustic basses don't have a great reputation, so I'm not very suprised to hear that the construction isn't so good....


    Edit: Here's the Aria web site, where it says the fingerboard is "maple in black" which I take to be maple stained black:

    Sorry, I thought it was a harder wood, stained black. I guess you'd have to figure out how long the maple board would last, and what it would cost to replace it with a proper board when the time comes.
  9. Sorry, he didn't give an URL so I didn't know about this info.
    In the past, I had a couple of cheap plywood AUBs with black-stained maple fingerboards, and I didn't have problems with neck warping, but harder wood is indeed more appropriate!
  10. Gasp!


    Apr 27, 2005
    Sorry, I dindn't think about that...:bag:
    OK, thank you for this answer!
  11. quasimono


    Feb 20, 2006
    hi guys, thank you for your answers, all that said it only strengthens my opinion to go for the aria bass.

    and the url given above is right, i am talking about the swb lite one bass here.

    the other bass francois mentioned costs somewhat around 3000 $, and that is surely out of my price range... ;)

    i think for about 1000$, the swb lite one will be a great instrument.

    concerning the blackened maple fingerboard, i also don't think this would be a problem.
    many basses use maple as a fingerboard..

    anyone of you actually owns a swb lite one btw?
    would love to hear some sound samples of it...