TRADED Parts P(Babicz,Klein,Gotoh

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    Jun 8, 2017
    8329CDBF-C7E1-43C8-B0AD-0F9B68506BF8.jpeg BC48A071-6BD1-4688-AF78-E550602F7871.jpeg 4AC8A88B-0371-4F9F-A5C5-F16C07A8F41A.jpeg 99426DAB-98CB-447A-8F5C-AC5028D30377.jpeg 3F5112B5-37C5-4F39-A97B-13EC54B6AF14.jpeg 4B01C90C-2A62-4F5C-A253-5CEE449882F6.jpeg FD255CD8-DBB3-4528-AB79-2088DCDBBB2D.jpeg BEB893F8-CFD8-4A2B-AC88-A39341F10E58.jpeg Cool parts P here built with some really great quality complements. Some surface scratches here and there and a ding or
    two but man is this one killer P!

    -Babicz Full Contact bridge
    -Klein Epic ‘59 pickup
    -All Parts neck(beautiful grain)
    -Gotoh Res-O-Lite Vintage reverse tuners(nice patina)
    -Alder body from unknown manufacture.

    *AS FOR TRADES* I would really like to add cash and trade up for a nice 5 string as I've sold all of my basses with the exception of this bad dad. This is a tremendous P but if I am scaling back to 1 axe I would like it to be a quality 5 string. I am not opposed to 4 string trades(ya never know) but 5 would be the preference.

    Local to Central IL preferred but will ship at buyers expense

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  2. Is there a case?
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  3. Sm_ill


    Jun 8, 2017
    No case just a gig bag. Thanks!
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