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Passport style PA-tiny room

Discussion in 'Rockabilly [DB]' started by Whit Townsend, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Should I even bother to plug into one of these things?
    My alt country band has a gig at a TINY little joint. Drummer is gonna have to stand and play snare. Its an "acoustic" venue and we are stuck w the house system and tiny little 8x10 corner of the room. I got no space for an amp. Room hold 30-40 max, but there's a bar and I'm sure it won't be a dead quiet listening crowd. They'll be chatter and we expect it to be packed. PA is a Passport type deal, 4 ch w 6" or 8" woofers mounted overhead. I could use the 4th channel, we need 3 ch for the vocs and ac git. Should I even bother or just let the bass boom out and maybe get picked up somewhat by the other 3 mics? How much bass can these dinky little speakers carry anyway? I would go direct, w my old BP 100 glued to bridge, thru a Baggs PADI, no room for an extra mic stand. I could wrap a mic in the tailpiece I guess if that would work better. Don't laugh at my pickup please. I know I could do better but this one works suprisingly well thru the Baggs direct to a reg PA. Gets a nice mixture of string/pop and wood.
  2. lorianb


    Apr 10, 2011
    If there's no monitors for vocals and not much else but a snare for drums, I say go all out acoustic. A good path to success is to not push the small PA too much so that the front end doesn't drown out the bass and snare. If you guys are smokin', they'll be listening.

    ps - be careful not to overcompensate by pushing hard with your right hand. Nasty blisters are born that way.
  3. Kinda the way I was thinking. Try to push too much thru the thing and it'll just be mud at best, and bee too loud to hear the bass and drum. Maybe just a c-hair of acoustic guitar, and vocs thru the PA. Lead singer wont need much voc anyway he pretty loud unplugged. The elec guitarist also plays tenor banjo on some tunes, that shoun't need much mic if any, but he can use his voc mic if need be. He'll use a little practice amp for the elec guitar. We're gonna try a cajon drum next rehearsal and see how that works vs a snare.

    Believe me, I know all about blisters.
  4. How did this gig work out? I'm curious.
  5. Upcoming this Sat.
    We are going to be able to fit:
    throne, suitcase kick, snare, hats, small splash -playing brushes
    Elec guitar> Mustang 1 Fender practice amp
    Vocals, acou guitar, upright, and banjo are all gonna go thru one big AT 2035 condenser mic to one channel the little ol PA.

    Rehearsed that way a couple of times and think its gonna work fine.

    Will report.
  6. ^ Did the gig as described above. The one mic set up worked great and the crowd loved us. Made some new fans and got several potential future gigs.
  7. How did you fare?
  8. Sweet! I'd like to do all gigs that way, less crap to haul, but other bandmates love monitors so feedback becomes an issue.
  9. No blisters but a little raw:)
    Wish I coulda been a tad louder, but I made it work. All in all it was a nice blend w voc front and center which was the plan.
  10. lorianb


    Apr 10, 2011
    Great to hear and thanks for the update.