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  1. Hello, first post & I didn't see an introductions thread so..

    anyway,I'm redoing a rescued 1994 Fury & have some confusion over the truss cover.

    in this thread he says it's an '87 which has the screw on truss cover like mine.-

    in this thread this guy has what's supposed to be a '92 w/ the tear drop plug type.

    I know mine is a '94 because Peavey confirmed it so does anyone know if they went back to the old style cover?

    anyway,here's I said it's a rescue.


    pups were still good (for now,possibly Bartolini's to come) but I redid all the internal wiring, new CTS 250k pots, .1uf cap, new Switchcraft jack,& new dome knobs. it still needs some neck work & had overspray all over it but it sounds good & plays well. it's a rat
  2. Black single ply with a single screw in the middle. It has the same shape as the earlier covers but they were bwb three ply.
  3. My Peavey Fury is a 94 (I checked the Serial#) and it has the different headstock style and different truss rod access.

    I guess that at some point they changed back to the style that is on mine, but I'm not really sure. I'm sure someone knows more about the changes Peavey made than I.

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    If your bass is a '94, the headstock should look like the OP's. Can you post photos?
  5. According to a wikipedia site (I know, not reliable) mine is a '94, I'll post the headstock pic again, but mine looks different than the OP's unless there is some weird angle thing going on. The serial number starts with 0769XXXX

  6. Changed from the older covered 5/16 truss nut to the new headstock with allen head truss and no cover mid 94. Both furies pictured are probably 94's.
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  7. Mine has a close serial number and no truss rod cover: it never had one fitted.

    Nice bass! Enjoy.....
  8. that explains it.:D
    now to find a replacement cover.
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    If you're not a true perfectionist and just want something to cover the hole, I cut a truss rod cover out of an old DVD case with better than horrible results. Looks fine from a couple feet away, and it'd probably look alot better if I took enough time to get it shaped and symmetrical.