Peavey T-40, at last!

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  1. The back story: I'm primarily a solo singer/acoustic rhythm player, for almost half a century. About 20 years ago, a friend's band lost their bassist and they invited me to take his place. (I still don't grok the logic behind that idea!) I gave it a shot, figured if I just follow the rhythm guitar with my left hand and the drummer's right foot with my right hand, I couldn't go too far astray! So, I went out bass shopping... had no idea what I was looking for... bought a Peavey T-40 from a pawn shop for $65. I played around with the controls enough to find a sound I liked, and had at it... had a lot of fun, and managed to not embarrass myself. Being on-key and on-time covers a lot of sins! The band broke up after less than a year, and I sold the bass for what I had in it, figuring I'd never play bass again.

    Fast forward 15 years or so, neck surgery had dented my singing voice, effectively ending my solo gigging days. I started to explore the guitar a bit more, and a friend gave me a crappy old bass (JBPlayer P-bass knockoff) which reminded me, I really did like playing bass!

    So, in recent years, I've been gradually upgrading my instruments. Remembering my first T-40, I sought out Peavey basses; I now have 2 very sweet Foundations, '87 4-string and '96(?) 5-string. But the memory of the T-40 still itched!

    Last week, I spotted one for sale on FaceBook, looked to be in rough shape, for $200 with case. Knowing I could always part it out and make a profit, I bought it. Looks like hell, plays like heaven! Feels like home!
    T-40-06case.jpg T-40-06case.jpg T-40-01.jpg T-40-02.jpg T-40-03.jpg T-40-04.jpg T-40-05.jpg
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  2. Was going to say " Looks OK to me" then I spotted the 5th tuner hole :D

    Knock that filler out and turn it into a T 405 :thumbsup:
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  3. I'd rather keep this one original, if possible, considering the PAF and 6-digit SN. Gonna have a chat with a luthier and see if this headstock can be restored. I'd love to have a T-40 5-string eventually, though, but my Foundation 5 scratches that itch well enough for the time being. I also have a MilestoneV ($40 yard sale find!) that's going to become fretless if & when I have the time and a decent workspace.

    I'm hoping to get that original case relined, too... it's a lot worse than the pictures show

    Nice line-up you have there, kodiakblair!
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    I am a hobbyist making stone picks that I sell but mostly give away. They made me do this anyways.
    They are a great instrument to own and play. I enjoy mine and encourage players to try them out. They aren't for everyone but they do have some great tone features and are a well built bass.
  5. I would not be too upset to have a T40 that looked like that.
    It sounds like you got a deal that should cover a mulitude of sins, anyway.
    Given the repaired split on the headstock, I think that one needs to stay 4 string.

    If anyone else finds a T40 with case for 200 bux, please let me know. :thumbsup:
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    I have a 6 digit model....I think I've only seen one other guy post one here. Would love to know how many they produced.
  7. T
    This was a bloody steal there up at 600 euros at least over here great find....Want....
  8. Nice! Looks just like mine, but with a better case (I have the teardrop case, not a fan), and frets.

    What year is yours?
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    That is definitely a'78. My Fretless is a six digit number although most of them are zeros. :)

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    Dang! Anytime I see something close to that for $200 or less I'm on it! I'm starting to get that way with Foundations. I'll even pick up a parts bass for that! Nice get! Somehow they are even more fun to play when they were a "Deal" ... enjoy. Let us know how that case works out. I have some cases that need help too.
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  11. Thanks. That's not even the tip of the iceberg,the Peavey numbers in this house are 51 basses and 1 guitar. Me and the cat are serious about Peaveys.
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    Making a T-45 or T-405 or even a T-50, whatever, is on my radar as soon as I can find a good one to convert.
  13. @Geri O
    There actually was a T 50. Chip Todd built a prototype.
  14. Geri O

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    I’ve heard about that bass, but I’ve never seen it, so thanx for sharing! I guess I’ll have to call mine something else...:D Kinda jealous that I can't do the tuners 3+2 as on that prototype. Oh well, I'll get over it...
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    Congrats! I have a T-40 and a T-20. Really like them both. They get a lot of play time. :thumbsup:
  16. It's well worth doing. Got a set of La Bella Jamerson flats on mine and the neck handled them no problem.
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  17. I'm with you, H2okie, on the Foundations... for that matter, I'll grab nearly any USA Peavey, if the price is right. I got my '87 Foundation from GC, of all places, for $160 with case (+ $30 tax & shipping) perfect condition except for legit player wear, which to me is better than perfect! Peavey Foundation4.png
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  18. I feel like such a piker, now! My Peaveys now number 4 basses and 4 guitars. Total of 22 (I think) stringed instruments in the apartment, and if I bring in any more I'll have to sleep in the bathtub! :woot:
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    Jan 30, 2014
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    That foundation is sweet. Haven't found one of those natural wood in decent condition. Yours looks awesome. For the situations I play in ... I need a 5er ... so I've been using a Foundation 5 or Cirrus most of the time.
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  20. I guess I am kinda partial to natural finishes, probably has to do with my acoustic guitar roots. I also have a natural Peavey Patriot guitar. I've been thinking about stripping my Foundation5 as well to go natural as it has a lot of chips in the black finish anyway.
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