peavey t-40

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by icantaffordawal, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. icantaffordawal


    May 28, 2008
    so i've been thinking of upgrading my equipment. a good friend of mine and his dad have located me a tvx 410 with a head for like $300 and as for a bass i was thinking of upgrading to a peavey t-40... what's the general price of one in good shape and how does it sound with a pick? yeah yeah, i know i'm not a "real" bassist because i play with a pick but i like that sound better
  2. I own a '79 T-40. I bought this a about 6 months ago and am still trying to figure out the tones it can make. They humbuck and single coil as well so you have a lo of options. My T-40 seems sturdy and well built. I am thinking of removing the front pickup however as I like to slap and the front pickups just get in the way. Go to the T-40 forum and there is a lot of info and enthusiasts there. I really like to tonal option of humbucking to single coil... the back pickups really growl. front pu a bit boomy for me. Nice snap with the maple neck too. good luck.
  3. You should be able to find a decent one for $350. If you get lucky maybe less. Burst or painted finishes, rosewood boards seem to command more. I've seen special ones push $600.

    Good luck, you won't be disapointed :bassist:
  4. millahh


    Sep 20, 2005
    $300-350 is about right. I got mine from a TBer for $300 last summer. At the time, it seemed a little above the "average" market price, now it seems a little on the low side. The asking prices are going up as people realize what a quality instrument it is.