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    Jan 17, 2014
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    Selling off a few really nice pedals...
    4F524D22-A9C5-45F4-9092-B9D15662E032.jpeg No trades/raising funds to complete a bass build, among other things. All pedals were purchased new, and come with original boxes + all goodies (if any) that originally came with pedals...

    All pedals are clean/no Velcro on back, and in mint/like new condition, except the Signal Cypher. Full disclosure, when removing the Velcro, there was a small paint chip that came off the bottom (see pic below)—super glue’d the paint chip back...
    Signal Cypher is flawless on sides and top—absolutely no visible issue when on a pb—price reduced substantially anyway.

    RNDI + Radial Eng SB-48 phantom power supply ($130 value new) sold as a fantastic package deal only.

    RNDI + SB-48 package...$220 SOLD!

    Broughton Signal Cypher...$295 SOLD!

    3Leaf Doom2...$195 SOLD!

    Walrus Lillian...$140 SOLD!

    Red Panda Tensor...$225 SOLD!

    GFI Specular Reverb v3...$160

    GFI Clockwork Delay v3... unavailable

    All pedals shipped USPS Priority, CONUS...PayPal only.

    [EDIT/ADD:]...going to mark sold/close this listing out, and re-list the GFI Specular v3 reverb as a separate listing...
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    Apr 13, 2001
    Just wanted to say Kevin is an A+ dude, takes immaculate care of his gear, and is a pleasure to deal with.
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    Crazy deals on some crazy pedals. That Tensor!!!!
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    Sep 4, 2012
    Lots of cool stuff!
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