SOLD Pedaltrain Jr. w/ soft case

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  1. naetog

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    May 26, 2006
    San Luis Obispo, CA
    $100 shipped, PayPal.
    Trades for small volume pedals or envelope filters.

    Used but not abused older version.

    Minimal wear on the board, and the bag is in shockingly clean condition for how often I used it. No rips or tears or anything.

    Velcro already on there, along with a bit on the underside where I stuck the power supply.

    IMG_20190320_211224.jpg IMG_20190320_211335.jpg IMG_20190320_211346.jpg IMG_20190320_210938.jpg IMG_20190320_211354.jpg IMG_20190320_210947.jpg IMG_20190320_211409.jpg IMG_20190320_210957.jpg IMG_20190320_211420.jpg IMG_20190320_211020.jpg IMG_20190320_211036.jpg IMG_20190320_211229.jpg IMG_20190320_211322.jpg IMG_20190320_210924.jpg IMG_20190320_210933.jpg
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