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Pedulla Thunderguts are nice!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by thejohnkim, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. thejohnkim


    Sep 30, 2003
    hey everyone, I just got back from playing my Pedulla Thunderbass T5 (which was on the classifieds for the past week but I just had my sanity return) and wow, I'm loving it even more.

    Originally, I put it up for a possible trade, because I wanted to try out the Thunderbolt on gigs to see if I'd like the punchier sound and sacrifice some sustain (assuming the genreal trends of neck-through/bolt on are true for these basses)

    but after tonight, this bass is a keeper for a long time.

    I had previously only activated the Thunderguts preamp (switch down) for the louder, and rockier songs with light overdrive for an aggresive tone. and switched back to the regular preamp for everything else. However tonight I was on the verge of pushing my amp to the limits for some louder songs in this big room, so I switched on the trusty ol' Thunderguts for some more volume, and wow! in the mix, with my Workingmans 15 combo (didnt use the rack in my sig tonight) with the EQ slightly scooped, and Aural Enhance around 11 o'clock, it sounded awesome for a sort of focused, but warm and smooth grooviness. I usually hate the sound of thunderguts when i'm just playing alone or for quiet songs, but i was really surprise at how good it sounded tonight in the mix of a loud but medium tempo song with me doing occasional slurred notes and slides. Add to that the long sustain from the bass (i'm guessing from the neck-through) and I really am starting to appriciate the bass a lot more.

    Now if only someone would tell me if its worth it(or not) to add on the Bass and Treble controls to this bass, because I'm pretty darn happy with how it sounds without that upgrade and EQing from my amp/preamp.

    too bad the back of the neck isn't satin finished, but i've gotten used to it, and don't mind it much anymore, even though i miss the smoother feel of satin. Maybe I just need to find an ET :ninja:
  2. Mike


    Sep 7, 2000
    Email the folks at Pedulla. His assistant Christine is very helpful and replies in a very timely manner during the week and has even replied to me on the weekends. I have two Raptures I love and, like yourself, I love them most in the mix. On their own they don't blow me away but when the drums and guitar step in that sweltering thump (I play with flats) and slamming low end kick in and just make me say...Yes! YEs!! YES!!!

    I've thought about having the Thunderguts elecs installed in my Raptures for a little more variation now and then when the mood strikes me which I think runs around $200. I'm sorry I have no idea what your desired mods for your TB would be. I just wanted to talk about my Pedullas. :)

    Mike and his crew make great stuff.

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