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    Hey guys and gals, I'm a long time lurker of these pages. I've been hesitant to post about these new basses because I'm greedy and don't want other bass players to have a great sound :p. But then came to the realization that I can't have them all to myself.
    I play all different styles of music and have been searching for that perfect bass that can do everything. I'm here to tell you this is it. I went to the NAMM show in January to try and find the right instrument and came to the conclusion that I couldn't spend $8000 on a Fodera (no offense guys, just can't afford it). Little did I know that right in my backyard I could find what I wanted. Sounds cheesy but true.
    I'm not really good with different woods but I know this one is spalted alder, I'll post all the other specs later this week. This bass also has his own preamp with switchable pickups, allowing you to mix and match the pickups in series, parallel, and single coil. Great feature. The bass can sound like a Fender, Musicman, Ken Smith, plus get the tightest, punchiest Jaco type sound you could want. Or any mix of those by switching the front and back pickups. This bass has amazing mids allowing you to cut through any band. But the best thing about this bass, besides the sound, is how playable the neck is. You won't find a bass that feels better or is more even. I've been through them all.
    The luthiers name name is Alex Petrounov ( ) and he's located in South Florida. His website is getting updated soon with new audio clips and he's asked me to make a video showing the basses features which I plan to do soon.
    You can check out my Myspace to hear some current audio samples of me playing with various groups. The first four samples are the Petrounov bass. Alex is also making new models all the time with different configurations. Check him out!!!

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    Open spaced paragraphs enhance readability. :)
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    Do you still have it