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phillips JAN tubes?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Scutterflux, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Any experience with Phillips JAN tubes?

    I'm mostly curious about the 6l6's, I'm thinking of swapping them out for something else.

    I'm looking for more headroom and less power section breakup early on if I can help it, but maybe they're tops, I don't know, there's not allot of info on tb about these.

    I can give my opinion on the 12at7's
    They are a very very smooth tube, not much high end shimmer, but still bright. Swapped a couple out and kept a couple in for a nice match ;)
  2. Some people think the JAN's are the "cat's meow" but for 6L6 power tubes, I don't know if you would see a huge difference.

    Having said that, you may wish to try some of the Sovteks 6L6's that claim higher output than standard 6L6's.

    Psycho Bass Guy probably has an opinion...nahhh.... :D
  3. If it's really JAN, it won't be a 6L6GC, but a 7581- the military/industrial number. They're REALLY great tubes, but watch out. As supplies of them have dried up, a lot of NOS stuff you find is badly microphonic which is why it never sold in the first place. If you want clean, and you find a set that's OK, they're the best 6L6GC you'll find. What are planning on using them in?
  4. Think of JAN as the top grade for reliability JAN = Joint Army Navy , they were, as psycho said, used for the military, so they needed to be reliable!
  5. They're marked as 6l6gc but also as a phillips JAN tube made in the USA. They where in a peavey alphabass I just picked up, and might I add that I got rid of my m-pulse after owning this thing. The Peavey's tone is much better IMHO. I used to think that peavey sucked, but now I know they're just hard learners and the only guy that knew how to make these probably died shortly after :eyebrow: .

    So I like the tone, but just wanted to get a little more headroom if possible.