Pickup screws on Thunderbird bass

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  1. Brand new thunderbird owner here. I just bought the new Vintage Pro from Epiphone and notice the pickup screw is in a precarious position. I have a fairly well cut up index finger now due to the way I play. Any of you have advice for the pickup adjuster screw to avoid cutting your plucking finger to bits? I know Epiphones are known to use different screws than Gibby thunderbirds, and I suppose I’m open to any and all thoughts and advice! Thanks!

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  2. wraub


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    Is it the screws on the PUs or on the PU rings that are the issue?
  3. Specifically the pickup adjuster screw. On the neck pickup. Sitting just above the E-string, waiting to strike like a viper.
  4. wraub


    Apr 9, 2004
    ennui, az
    It looks like this?


  5. That’s the one
  6. wraub


    Apr 9, 2004
    ennui, az
    Short term, I'd use gaffer's tape or electrical tape (although short term is subjective, I had tape on my Jazz bass for 5 years)...

    Long term, different screws probably, although you're not going to find much smaller... Or, possibly, different pickups 'may' offer some variance in hardware and placement... Thunderbuckers are well regarded from what I hear.

    Perhaps @Dadagoboi or @godofthunder59 could offer some guidance here...
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    Hmm. As someone interested in getting an Epi Vintage Pro in the near future I'd like to learn more about this.

    How do you like it otherwise?
  8. It’s a heavy bird. Headstock is bigger, tuners are heavy. It’s vintage in dimension and electronics, so all the years of “improvements” were disregarded. That said it’s got a lot of neck dive. Resolved for the most part with a thick strap, but I intend to add some adhesive wheel weights to the electronics cavity. There’s plenty of room. They did place the jack on the side instead of the front. The details that separate it from a true vintage bird are the chrome covers over the bridge and neck pickup, the removed finger rest, and the side placement of the jack - all of which are perfect and I agree should have been updated.

    That and the pickup screws are my only negs.

    The quality is impeccable. The sustain rings forever. I feel it resonate in my gut and can hear it very audibly when not plugged in.

    My other bass is a boutique fretless, so it’s really hard to compare the two. I love the perfect balance and playability of my fretless but wanted something fretted and with style that screams vintage rock.

    I took it to the boys down at my local pro shop and had it setup. They were drooling. A tweak on the nut, the rod, a set of D’Addario flats, and it was done. Really got a ton of praises from them on the quality and finish. It’s the one to have.

    My only upgrades will probably be ultra lite tuners, different pickup screws (the Thunderbuckers are amazing), a drop tuner on the E string, and some straplocks. And possibly a custom pickguard flourish. I’m thinking punisher skull. =)

    I’m going to perform with it this weekend. Nothing like an easy praise set to put it through its paces.
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  9. Hounddog409


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    I have no clue what the issue is. I Have a VP. Never noticed any screws or felt them
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    Nothing a piece of sandpaper can't fix.
    Just sand off the burr and you're all set.
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    Steal an emery board from your wife. Better control than a piece of sand paper.
    emery board.jpg
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  13. These will work on the Epiphones? I heard rumors that the Indonesian made guitars were differently tapped.
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    I think you could fill the screw head slots with something easily removeable, like wax or mastic, or tape over it, for a low-tech solution. You could replace the screw with a stove head hex socket (less sharp edges) screw as a higher tech solution. You need to know the length, diameter and thread pitch (number per inch) and what material you need. Here's some more info Bolt Depot - How Fastener Measurements are Notated. Once you know all the specs you need, you can look around the hardware stores (probably won't have exactly what you want) or fastener stores (might have exactly what you want, but could certainly order it), or order it yourself from the internet (which has everything). Hope this helps!


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    Quite a few members of the Thunderbird club own these and they're held in pretty high regard for a number of reasons, notably the pickups, it's not a shy, well mannered bass! I suggest rolling off the bridge pickup and a .73 Tortex pick. You're more than welcome on the club thread, we encourage questions and always enjoy hearing a new 'Bird owners thought.
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  16. Basvarken

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    Who cares? They screw directly into the wood if I'm not mistaken.
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  17. It's now become an opportunity to experiment. Thanks!!
  18. fhm555

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Find some button head socket screws.
  19. edencab


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    couple o' drops of clear nail polish?
  20. Update : BCR Music & Sound hooked me up with a quick fix. All advice given was extremely helpful. In the end I may still put in a lower profile screw, but polishing it up on the machine sure took a miniscule amount of time and effort. Many thanks, gang!
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