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Pigtronix EP-2 Envelope Phaser ... opinions?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by fasto, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. fasto


    Mar 4, 2007
    Amsterdam, NL
    just got released from the G.A.S. rehab center and without medication the G.A.S. attacks me again ... cold turkey. :hyper:

    Any opinions/experience on the Pigtronix EP-2 Envelope Phaser?

    Did some research and people here said this pedal has some volume boost (spike?) when activated?

    If i understand correct phaser and envelope filter can be used together or each individually? With expression pedal connected the EP2 also functions as a WhaWha?

    Which other pedals do you use in front/behind the EP-2?

    Thanks for inspiration
  2. Swift713


    Dec 4, 2006
    Florence, Ma
    I had an EP-1 and an EP-2. The EP-2 was a definite improvement. It's quality gear but the filter I'd a little cold for my taste. Being a phaser it has much less volume spike than a typical LP or BP filter. It's got a very cool sound but it just didn't scratch my itch.
  3. Laurent

    Laurent Supporting Member

    May 21, 2008
    Napa, California
    It's a pedal with lots of tonal possibilities but I found it to be somewhat complicated (too many knobs and switches). I also thought that it did not do a good job at preserving my tone. After going all these options and circuits my I had the feeling the tone of my bass got stripped and somewhat thin.

    I still think it's a pedal worth trying because it offers some new options.

    I prefer the Moog phaser, the HBE phaser or the Boss PH-1R to the EP-2.
  4. andvari7


    Aug 28, 2004
    I had one, and as far as phasers go, it was nice. A definite improvement over the EP-1, which didn't work. I traded it for the Moog, which was a difficult decision. I would have no reservations about buying one again, but I'm more into the Phase 90s and Small Stones. One thing I'll say about the Pigtronix: it has the best paint job of any pedal I have ever owned. It's thick, and very durable.
  5. While I really liked the way it could get really "raw" (imho), I let it go in favor of the Source Audio BEF Pro,
    which is kind of a more polite pedal pedal, but can do filters and phaser sounds just so nicely (plus: Tap tempo
    on the LFO and...Presets!).

    It's a different machine, but fills all my needs in that area.

    But don't listen to me. Like a couple of other people around here I seeem to have turned into Source Audio's b***h.
  6. XXL

    XXL Muscular Stumps Of A Bassman

    Jun 14, 2007
    I was hoping for more than I got from the staccato switch and the LFO/Envelope blend.
  7. RoeyHaviv


    Apr 1, 2011
    Charlotte NC
    Endorsing Artist: Vigier guitars, Pigtronix Effects
    I tried it today after talking with David Koltai (Pigtronix mad scientist and CEO), It is very different then the soundblox BEF.
    As a E.F. It wan't as easy to dial a Mutron style raging kwak but I did get a tasteful kwak that will be very welcome in a real gig.

    As for losing low end, I didn't lose any as long I stayed away from the Invert switch.

    What really did get me was the phaser.
    Compare to the soundblox, the Pigtronix is just.. well..analogue.
    The resonance and depth might not be as wacky but they sound somewhat less plastic y.

    I really want to try it with my big muff and EV-5 for some wobble action.

    My only problem is that I don't know If ill get that first or the Mothership.. My wife will kill me if I get both at the same time.
  8. That's maaybee kinda of what I meant by "raw" and "polite".
    This might really be a matter of preference/taste.

    Also: For some reason I like the EP-2 a lot more with a guitar.
  9. Sound Chaser

    Sound Chaser

    Mar 19, 2005
    Lockport, NY
    Definitely sounds super analog. I love mine, I don't think I'm ever getting rid of it.

    You can listen to it on my band's demo over on http://www.facebook.com/EyesoftheNorth

    Blended lfo and envelope on "H.A.J.," lfo for the intro of "Thoughts of Man."
  10. I'm of exactly the opposite opinion. I've owned or played 21 filters now and the EP2 is one of the warmest, most analogue and most uniquely voiced of them all. It's got a fat, chewy sound with no loss of low end (if anything, it actually beefs it a little bit). There's something about it even when you don't use the phaser... It has this rad vocal quality that I just can't describe in words, even beyond how most people use "vocal" to describe most filters. Check out Doug John's bass solo on Chew On A Dog from his album Pocket Fulla Nasty. I heard that and knew I had to have an EP2. That's the sound I wanted and it's exactly what I got.

    Now, as crazy as I am for my EP2, it definitely isn't perfect. It DOES have a volume jump... I recently played for a local production of Hair, and the soundguy told me that it has a +6db jump when I turn it on. (Sidenote: I contacted Pigtronix and my EP2 is currently in with Dave having a volume knob installed to remedy the problem.) It's not as bright as other filters, those of you looking for old school Mutron bright Bootsy style filter sounds won't really find that here. The resonance is there, but it doesn't peak as high as a Mutron III. Thankfully, that's not the kind of filter I dig. :) Like previously mentioned, I also avoid the - side on the Invert switch... It's high pass and unless you're looking for an "effect,” it's not too usable on bass.

    I'm not really a modulation guy, so I don't really use the Phaser side much at all. Even so, the envelope side alone is cool enough to earn the EP2 a permanent spot on my board, and as everyone on Talkbass knows, pedalboard space is always at a premium. :)

    Edit: for more kicks and giggles, try the EP2 with an octave pedal in front of it! Hawt!!!

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  11. fasto


    Mar 4, 2007
    Amsterdam, NL
    since i´m an envelope filter junkie i will try to get the EP2 ... i have some ideas how to use this pedal in my desert-/stonerrock band.
  12. RoeyHaviv


    Apr 1, 2011
    Charlotte NC
    Endorsing Artist: Vigier guitars, Pigtronix Effects
  13. BawanaRik


    Mar 6, 2012
    New Jersey
    Great pedal. Incredibly clean. It's got a lot of knobs so spend some time playing with them.
  14. fasto


    Mar 4, 2007
    Amsterdam, NL
  15. NKUSigEp


    Jun 6, 2006
    Bright, IN
    My thoughts are that the filter is not very useable by itself but the phaser is and it sounds great. Then kick on the filter with the phaser and it's very vocal and adds a really cool dimension to the sound. It handles distortion and overdrive well but there is a slight volume boost when you turn it on. Nothing outrageous but noticeable.

    I don't have the expression pedal but definitely interested in trying it out. The YouTube demos with the expression pedal are sweet!
  16. I've never actually tried my EP2 with an expression pedal, I've always just controlled the sound with playing technique. I suppose I should give an expression pedal a try sometime, but I've never really dug traditional wah pedals, which is what it would become by plugging in an expression pedal. I feel more connected with the filter by controlling it with my fingers at my bass than adding my foot into the mix, if that makes sense.

    To each their own, but again, I'm exactly opposite. The Phaser does sound great, but it's not an effect I really ever use/need, so I hardly ever have the phaser side of the EP2 on. Just the filter by itself has a chewiness that no other filter I've tried has had, and is worth the space on my board. Having the phaser is just icing on the cake. The EP2 filter always draws positive attention whenever I use it, and I've never had anyone actually REQUEST that I use an effect until now... Bandmates and music directors have specifically referenced my EP2 on several occasions.

    VERY usable! :bassist: I'd post some clips if my EP2 wasn't currently at Pigtronix for modding...

  17. NKUSigEp


    Jun 6, 2006
    Bright, IN
    That may be attributed to a lack of effort on my part. I haven't really dug into the filter side too deep aside from setting it up to work with the phaser. I'll have to revisit this in the near future.
  18. Funkinthetrunk

    Funkinthetrunk Registered User Supporting Member

    Me too. The BEF Pro was able to cop my favorite setting on the EP2 pretty well. And it can get more variety of EF sounds...so for me, it was a no brainer. Being the filter ho that I am, I will be trying out the new Sonuus Wahoo soon...
  19. Oh CRAP Funk, I never got back to you on setting up another Funky Filter Fun-ness Day, did I? Shoot. We should set something up!!! Have you tried a Proton yet? I did get one of those before I got laid off. Also, maybe my EP2 will be back with the volume knob so you can check that out. I've thought about the BEF Pro with a Hot Hand to get dub steppy type bass lines, a la they're dubstep demo. Definitely wouldn't mind checking it out.

  20. Funkinthetrunk

    Funkinthetrunk Registered User Supporting Member

    Sure....but let me get my Ultron back from Godlyke first. It's being modded for an attack control as I felt in stock form, it was a bit slow. I have a wired Hot Hand for my BEF Pro you can give it a go with. We can lay the Proton right next to my MuIII and dig in.

    An EP2 with a effect volume....now why is that not standard? Actually, it should be standard on all effects.