PJB Flightcase BG150 vs CAD AUDIO DB510 - who tested?

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  1. Hello,
    I know well the technical data both of them, I've found here some posts concerning these combos separately. I've an imagination how can they sound.
    But has anyone ever had a chance to test them side by side at the same time?
    I'm very curious your impressions.
  2. I can compare the flightcase I tested to the ARCO Hugo I tested- that is essentially an (more expensive) overhauled handbuilt (by J. Lundgaard) version of the CADaudio amp (he designed that one too).

    The ARCO is a phenomenal amp. It's unmatched in terms of portability- the PJB is almost twice its size. Its sound totally belies its size, very warm and fat, very powerful (it's 500W vs. 150 with the PJB), and totally neutral and real. A downside was to me the trim of the high freq control, as it was more in the area of high mids and not so much in the "sparkle" range. So the ultra-beautiful sparkle was not to be found in the ARCO. Which is not a serious problem, it's in fact very pu-related. Its craftmanship is by far the best I've seen yet, with wired pots (not printed) and socketed OPs, so it's super servicable. And it's hand-built to order, so if you want f.ex. other frequencies in the eq, that can be done.

    THE PJB is less than half the price (although the CAD is less expensive and maybe in the same range as the PJB), bigger and heavier but far from being clumsy. It's also very neutral sounding, although with a schertler dyn-b, I was forced to cut a little of the low mids out so it was cleaner. BUT the high freq dials combined with the very beautiful sounding speakers added a very addictive natural clean sparkle to the sound that I have not found in any other amp. It's extremely cool at lower volumes but lacks the headroom the ARCO has, so in higher volume areas it sounds forced (it takes considerably more to make the arco sound forced). That can be solved by using the Super Flightcase, I believe. -Anyways, we're speaking of quite some serious volume for such a relatively small unit (although the ARCO was considerably more of a stunner even). Craftsmanship is high industry standard. DOWNSIDE- it's not easily expandable, as it lacks a speaker out.

    Taking into consideration that there is the more powerful Super Flightcase, and the fact that the ARCO is an expensive amp, and I can't shell out 1800 euros just now, I'd go for the PJB. The ARCO is phenomenal but the PJB is no less so. It's way bulkier but still an easy schlep. It has this extra champagne-sparkle that I couldn't get out of the ARCO (or any other amp).

    That all doesn't help with comparing it to the CADaudio. But it can give you a basic idea, since the ARCO and the CADaudio are somehow related (J. Lundgaard split with CADaudio, there's not much friendship involved, I won't join the mudfight. It's Jesper's design, so you do your math). I hope it helped a little.


  3. Thanks Sidecar,
    I play mainly in trio with clarinet and accordion, so Flightcase seems to be powerful enough for this. And these two facing up drivers can make it better audible than DB510 (in a moderate volume levels, of course), I think.
  4. If you live in a 220-240 volt country, make sure you test that BG150 thoroughly first. Apparently there's a design fault with those amps, so when powered with 220-240 a very annoying high frequency noise appears that renders them useless, the noise is also found in the DI out, making any FOH engineers hate you too...

    PJB has decided to not take any action, and to not bother to resolve this, so make sure to look into this before spending a lot of money on them...

  5. Thank you D.Don - it's very valuable info.
    I'll probably have a possibility to test them both an compare, soon.
  6. kmcad


    Nov 6, 2009
    hi, just thought i would comment on who designed the db510,

    "he designed that one too" , "its jespers design"

    hmm well yes jesper designed some 10% and i designed the 90%, including the cabinet, the preamp, all schematic and pcb layout, panel layout etc

    karsten madsen - cadaudio.dk

    ps, glad to hear you wont take part in any mudthrowing ;)
  7. kmcad


    Nov 6, 2009
    hi, a comment about prices, the "new" arco and the old cost the same to produce, the new is simpler but we use cnc so it will end up being prety much the same ,

    development costs for the "new" must be way lower as it is merely a crude clone of my work on the old one. (yes we could go to court but we probably wont)

    about prices the important bass players i know of and talked to paid around 1000 usd for the "new" arco and in return they must praise it on msb boards like this, (helps you to understand the praising here too, right?)
    if they can tell a few lies about the old amp it wont hurt either ;)

    but the average bassplayer (not so important) pays like 3000 usd for the same amp.

    so you should ask yourself, am i an important bassplayer or not, as mr sidecar said, do the math.

    best rdgs - karsten madsen - www.cadaudio.dk

    ps. perhaps needless to say but we think all customers are important and they all pay the same low price ;)