Played outdoors today and it was 99 degrees!

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  1. We knew it would be hot but wow it was really HOT. We were on a flatbed trailer and sounded good. But my poor bass was hot. It got out of tune every 30 minutes - way out of tune. Totally flat out of tune. I ended up re-tuning every 30 minutes and it needed it every time. My bass has a wenge fingerboard and ovangkol neck with bell brass frets. The frets were hot to the touch. Anyway, it's laying on my bed slowly cooling down now. I know I need to re-tune again later after the race. My question here is: What do you do when you know beforehand that it's going to be hot - really hot. Cover the bass when not being played? Remove it from the stage when not being played? How long do you give it to 'heat up' or later to 'cool down?' My wife said to take a large towel and just cover it when it's not being played. I don't know. I wasn't ready for really hot. And it was 99 degrees!
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    I hope the band was under cover, that is a must for me. I certainly wouldn't leave your bass in direct sunlight for long periods of time. I would put it in the shade between sets at the very least.
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  3. Wide-brimmed cowboy hats were all several of us wore. Wife's neck is getting red already. If we do this again I'm taking a white large towel to cover it with.
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    On the tours I’ve been on the guitar techs cover all the instruments with those shiny silver space/emergency blankets during the day when not being used. Keeps them cooler and out of the sun.
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    That presents an unpleasant visual.
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    "Wide-brimmed cowboy hats were all the sun protection several of us wore"....

    There...hopefully fixed that for ya....:roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:

    Hopefully taken in fun. That's my sense of humor when a gig today is canceled because of approaching storms and rain from Cristobol....
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    I'd have a damp towel between the fretboard and the shade towel if it's that critical, but ouch...
    thx for mentioning bell brass frets, I'm needing a fret upgrade of some sort on a bass or two and that sounds perfect, I'm googling now, but what benefits do you find with them? any downers?
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    you gotta have shade for your gear in that kind of weather. i know.
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    99 degrees!? No way I'd do that. Thats just silly.
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    Welcome to South Texas
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    Sorry but at my age I'd have had to wear pants too. I'd want more than just a towel to cover it. ;)

    Edit... hate it when I'm slow to the dance and someone beats me too it. :)
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  12. Bassist30


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    Well in the sunlight the towel will do worse. Not sure it will do better if not in the sun. I have a portable fan that I got from home depot. Although a little loud you can set it up at a far distance and it will blow away excessive heat It really helps. You can put one ( on each side) on the outer sides of the stage and it will help. Not a air conditioner but at 99 it will help.
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    Did your wife hold her tune?

    ...I'll see myself out... :D
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    Bandmates initially scoffed at me when I brought a fan, towel and ice water to combat the heat of summer outdoor shows or indoor shows with scorching lights, then they'd ask me to point the fan at them. Soon the drummer was bringing his own fan.

    My more recent tactic is to say no thanks to those shows.
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    99 and you were in the sun …

    I feel your pain
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  16. Might want to consider a cheap backup bass for these outdoor summer gigs if they're going to be a regular thing.
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    When I was a young buck I played plenty of shows outdoors and plenty more wherever the person throwing the party had a little extra space for us - garages, sheds, old barns out in the middle of nowhere, etc. Of course, when you're that young you are usually just playing for beer anyway. We did play a Battle of the Bands when it was 104° one July. We didn't do anything special except play the songs about 10bpm faster and sweat a bunch.
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    That's one way to keep cool, play wearing nothing but hats!
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    My band rehearsed today (outdoors with masks and at appropriate distances) for the first time since March. It felt really good. We were a little rusty, but that was to be expected.
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    It’s sooooo hot and will be hotter next week. I find it’s good to hydrate. Ice bucket full of Lone Star does the trick. Lots of so called experts will say to drink plain water but when you sweat your body also loses manganese, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and more. It’s so fully beneficial, that’s why I drink it.