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Playing again after 11 years - similar experiences?

Discussion in 'Orchestral Technique [DB]' started by RSerbel, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. RSerbel


    Jun 10, 2016
    I did the classical bass thing for about 2 years while in high school (11 years ago). I had private lessons along the way, played the electric bass here and there, then just ditched it all before I left for college.

    About 7 months ago, I picked up my electric bass again, and about 1 month ago I got much more serious about learning about jazz. Now, I might have the bug to get back in to the double bass with the long term goal of playing with a civic/community orchestra (the weekend warrior type).

    I live only minutes away from Shank Strings in Elizabethtown, PA and was thinking about heading down there to see if my inspiration gets piqued even more. I wanted to ask on this forum if anyone else had a similar experience to me - taking it seriously for a while when younger, then picking it up again after a long hiatus and still having some hope of performing (on a competent level, no pro/prodigy here). I have the practice time available, so I know the work can be done - I'm just looking to hear some motivational stories!
  2. Lee Moses

    Lee Moses

    Apr 2, 2013
    I played DB from age 21 to 27. I was pretty serious as a musician during that time, although I was more into electric bass. At 27, I laid aside DB--I didn't have one at all--and it wasn't too long before I was out of music altogether, except for breaking out my electric from time to time. I went 15 years without playing a DB at all, except for a couple minutes inside a music store one time. Around 4 years ago, I started spending a little more time playing/practicing my electric. Then a little over 3 years ago, I finally picked up a DB and started working at things. I don't really have much practice time available--between my work and being a widower with 3 children, I do well to hit the 45-minute mark in a day. But I do play in a community orchestra and big band, and enjoy myself immensely. The fact that it is a diversion for me now instead of my main focus in life probably helps me enjoy it all the more.

    I highly recommend that you take that trip down to Shank Strings. Wish you all the best in your restart!
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