Playing/practicing withouth screens ( computer, smartphone)

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    Unfortunately, this is not easy to find this kind of things without screen today.. But now you can slow the speed without changing the pics, loop a fragment of a piece to work with, etc..
    If you want to play jazz, you can use Abersold play along series.
    The best way as already replied here: play with others. Find a drummer or a percussion player and set up a band.
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    Great ear training too!
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    Jul 13, 2019
    if got a boss loop pedal with no integrated drum loops!

    great!! I swear i didnt know these things existed. I dont have much money yet, but a metronome will have to do for the meantime

    thanks also for the reply! I will look for more people to jam with. And just playing is a good idea. Im not used to it. I think its a big fault of mine in bassplaying. I find it a bit boring... maybe because i dont have many ideas on the bass. Maybe i should pratice more things so playing alone is more fun. But still dont know where to start, i mean what things to practice so that I can apply them while playing alone. Or better said, where are the priorities. (everything helps obviously, rhythms, harmony and so on.)

    Yes!! As the man above said I have to try it to noodle more. I guess im very demanding with myself on how things should sound so its difficult to me for having fun just noodling, but im going to try it more and I guess ask in another post for ideas to have more fun noodling.

    Thanks! So far I just used the computer as a metronome. But im gonna buy one. They are really cheap

    Thanks. I barely know the shapes of the scales. I feel comfortable with c mayor / a minor and maybe g mayor /e minor. But im gonna try it more. You are right. I havent improvised much on scales.

    Ahh thats a very good thought. Its the foundation and there is a difference between needing someone and being responsive to them. Never thought of it that way! THank youi so much. When I play bass alone it kind of sucks :(. (that says something I guess, still dont know exactly what though)

    because of the loss of here and now, its why I prefer the more "analog" options. Yes im meditating a lot and im starting to dislike the screens.

    Great!! I love philosophy. Well one reason to be more in front of the computer is to be more alone.

    Im gonna do that! Thank you so much!!

    As one perosn above said. It takes you away from the here and now. I feel my mind more clogged when I use the screens somewhat. And they supposedly make you less creative.Its not wrong to use them. You can listen to inspiring music, learn music, post here and so on. Just that using them for hours isnt optimal in my opinion.

    Didnt even know these exist... thank you

    thank you all for your time and replying. Great input!!
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  4. Lenny JG

    Lenny JG

    Aug 3, 2019
    Practice makes perfect, keep noodling and you'll keep getting better at playing what you want to hear.
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    Back in music school, the music library had these units you could check out that had a CD player and a cassette tape deck, and you could turn a knob to slow down the playback without changing the pitch. I guess a digital DJ rig could do that now with any music coming off your computer or phone.
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    Totally OT but I figured the folks in this thread would still appreciate - you're our kind of people. It's expensive and wildly impractical but oh man do I still wants one.

    Rotary Un-Smartphone
    Rotary Un-Smartphone "A cellphone - you know, for making calls"
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  7. I think I figured it out partly by thinking about JJ Burnel, it goes further than the sound, the playing, it's sort of like what PG Wodehouse wrote in the Jeeves and Wooster stories, about 'the psychology of the individual'. It's as much about knowing 'why' as 'how'. While this might get obsessive, the trick is to prevent that by using that foundation thing as a platform, it's like the mental equivalent of a stage. I do not imagine an audience, but I do imagine how it might be if there was one. Getting through the song, a sort of 'stand and deliver' attitude. Sometimes it works, sometimes it gets clumsy, but it's usually exciting, so it rarely sucks. :)

    This helped me last week, first time in a pub in years, playing solo bass. I played ok even though technical issues got in the way of the best sound. The people there liked it. I didn't feel forced to acknowlege them, I just played what I did so I liked it as best possible, and it does the same for them.

    Recording devices are another matter though, I do tend to suck more when I'm self-conscious of having to play well to a device rather than wear out its flash memory deleting and retrying.. Live audiences are probably WAY more forgiving. :) Therefore, imagine how you might play to one, it will probably help if you work with other people later, too.

    Someone said that it's better to look at the audience than at the bass. He had the wisdom to qualify that with 'when possible'. That someone was JJ Burnel. He's right. It's better to keep our eyes on the ball when we must, if we do that well enough, the prize will take care of itself.
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    upload_2022-10-3_9-11-3.png [​IMG]

    Nashville numbers, Fake chord sheet music on songs you know how to sing, or hum the tune to.
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  9. Jeff Hughes

    Jeff Hughes

    May 3, 2020
    Just play along to an FM radio station you don't normally listen to. This will help you learn song and chord patterns pretty quickly.
  10. I know Rita Lynch (singer, songwriter, and sometimes also a bassist). She swears by those, probably still does. I use a modern equivalent, a Marantz PMD660, the older version that uses CF card instead of SD. Vital bit of gear. I get tense using it though, but it's vital because it lets me hear myself as others might. Can't do that while playing.

    I've still got a bunch of small ideas I played at it, just letting it pick up the un-amped raw sound of the bass whenever I wanted something noted before I forgot it. It's time I raided them, I need to make some new songs.
  11. Gotcha! I certainly see how today's devices can be more distracting than something like a record player.
    Good luck on your journey.
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    Hot damn, I want the atomic hotline read!
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    I call seafoam!

    Heh ... "call" ...
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    I'm not antitech, but I do think the current obsession with screens (particularly touch screen interfaces) is kind of a 60's architecture, 80's synth "we have a new hammer and by God we're gonna use it!" phase. Lots of places where it's there because it's cheap or lazy and not at all the best way to do something.

    Note - I'm not affiliated with the project above in any way, I just think it's cool (but spendy)
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    great idea!! Gonna try that too. took me a while to figure out what you meant but i got it !
    Thanks agains for all the replies. Im starting to doodle more and its starting to sound better and im having fun. :)