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    Mar 11, 2013
    Hey all. I ordered a set of Pressurewounds (ML7200) so I could give them a try, with the intention of using them on my Jazz bass, which is tuned to E Standard. In the end, I had my J recently set up and had a brand new pack of my long-beloved DR Lo-Riders installed, so these GHS strings are gonna end up on my Warwick, which is tuned to BEAD.

    My question to you all, is "How many of you have used these strings in BEAD?" This pack is 44-102, which seems very low for this tuning but I've read that these strings have more stiffness than their counterparts, and being hex core, I'd assume that they'd do a better job of not fretting out when tuned down. Do any of you have some input you could contribute? Should I just sell these before I open them and try to find the higher gauge set?
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    The 44-102 set is way light for BEAD but it is possible. They are a little more rigid than a traditional round of similar gauges and I have a guy who uses a .105 as a B-string so I suppose it is possible... I couldn't do it.
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  3. The ML7200 will be way too loose for BEAD. Just get a single Pressurewound 128B and use the 58-80-102 with it. I have used the ML7200 with the 128B on my 5-string Yamaha and they do match up very well.

    My plan is to use the M7200 (44-106) for DGCF on my J when it's time for new strings, which works out to be about the same overall tension as the L7200 (40-96) in EADG.
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  4. superheavyfunk


    Mar 11, 2013
    Thanks for the tips, friends! These strings aren't readily available anywhere in my area (I ordered them on Amazon) but I'll look into getting a single somewhere before trying to flip this pack if I need to.
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