SOLD PRICE DROP! - USA Ken Smith BSR 5 M 1999

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    Hey Everyone!

    It's time I sold this gorgeous Smith of mine.. we just finished our last tour *wipes tear*:rollno:

    Ken Smith BSR 5 M made in '99, had a previous owner, with a little wear before I got her, nothing major.. but a few bumps and scratches, this is a gigging bass and she sings. Bass came with a matching bridge ramp (attached with adhesive, I've never removed it) which has been subtle and super comfortable. For those interested, this is a '99 so it's the 9 volt active pre-amp system.

    I've played a lot of Smiths, and this one just has a nice character about it which is telling because I pretty much only play in passive mode now and she's killin'. Neck is fast and comfortable, weight is about 9.5 lbs.

    Comes with :
    -Original Ken Smith Case
    -Ken Smith Cleaning products
    -good vibes

    No exchanges for this one.. 2100 shipped domestically only... she'll go fast, PM if you have any questions!


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  2. David A. Egeler

    David A. Egeler

    Aug 4, 2008
    Very nice Ken Smith, you have a PM.
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  3. thank you kindly :bassist:
  4. elkkid2

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    Jan 2, 2012
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    Was this made in the USA?
  5. yupp.. USA made Ken Smith.. probably should have included that picture!

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