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  1. BassGoat


    May 18, 2008
    hey guys, wanna help a fellow bassist (and yourself) out? with this site you just fill out some survey things from ad sites, then you get credits for doing that on this site, which you can spend on some free crap. im showing this to you guys because im trying to get referrals, from which i get points. i make 20% of what you guys make if you sign up using this link. what i mean by that is, if you get, say, 10 points, i will get 2 points for free. you dont lose any credits or anything, its just that i gain some extras :p . desparate request, i know...but, help a bassist out?
    if you do this, FOR THE SURVEYS USE A FAKE EMAIL AND A FAKE IDENTITY to avoid spam

    FREE **** YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT! :smug:
    no viruses or anything, and this is legit
  2. i don't trust it...
  3. BassGoat


    May 18, 2008
    why not? read what people have said on sites like yahoo answers or anywhere else, they say that they got what they wanted from it.