Quake Wars/Steam question

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  1. Dont know if anyone will know, but worth asking.

    Bought Quake Wars yesterday, the retail DVD version, and have installed it on my pc. Is there any way i can get the game into Steam? I know i can add a shortcut, but is there any way to have it so you can use steam to browse servers etc? (im assuming you can do that if you buy it through steam)


    - Will
  2. If I have to ask this question then obviously I don't know, but what's "Steam"?

    I got a copy of Quake Wars when I bought a GeForce 8800GT video card.
  3. Steam is a game release platform like thing, its what all the half life games come out on now (and many other games too). Its pretty useful being able to have a pile of games all within one program that you can use to search the servers etc with.

    How did you find quake wars? Im not sure how well my graphics card is going to play it (still not played it!), but being a bit older, i think the graphics will be a bit on the lower quality side. Want a new graphics card, but not wanting to stick with AGP, and cant afford to build up a new pc right now :(
  4. Oh okay. Just as I thought, I can't answer your question. :(

    Actually, I haven't played it much. I bought Call of Duty 4 and then Crysis right after that. I finished COD4, but haven't had much time to play Crysis either.

    The graphics are really good on Quake Wars, but I have the feeling that an older system should be able to play it fairly well on medium settings. I have nothing to confirm that though.

    The game itself seems pretty cool, but I was getting my arse handed to me on the very first battle. I didn't know much about the game as it just came with the video card. No manual of course. I would advance a little every time I restarted, but never finished the first level. I gather it's a little more strategic than the typical first person shooter. It looks like a really cool game so I'm sure I'll get back to it eventually.