SOLD Quilter Bass Block 800 in Mint condition

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    Quilter Bass Block 800 in Mint condition. Original owner since day 1 and never had any issues. This has less than 20 hours of playing time. I have the soft case, locking power cord and the manual. *This has never been played out at any clubs, only jamming VERY LOUD with some buddies, and the rest at home – smoke free environment – it’s like brand new. It’s a great little amp that simple to use and light weight. If you got the right Bass and cabinet, this is all you need. I know that some people knock this amp, but I think it depends on what cab your running. I use this with my Bergantino HD 410 (going up for sale soon) and it flat out rocks. Very clean tone and awesome power that does not disappoint. The only reason I am selling it is, I’m not playing much electric anymore and playing Upright Bass. Asking $425 – mint condition and clean. Shipping included in lower 48 only. Will accept Paypal or Venmo. No trades.

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    I have no idea why anyone would knock those. GLWTS!
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  3. 57pbass

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    Aug 1, 2004
    Bayside, New York
    Exactly.. these are great heads. Great sounding with plenty of power. I always bring this as either my main or as a trusty backup.
  4. YES....if you have a good sounding bass and cab....this head is all you need, as very easy to shape a great tone.
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  5. SOLD
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