Raised Pole Pieces And Fingers!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by theevilplankton, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. I've got a 2012 (CS pup'd) US Standard Jazz. Bought it a couple of months back.

    It's got the raised pole pieces. This is my problem!

    When I use a pick, it's fine. When I try to play fingerstyle, my fingers keep finding contact with the poles!

    Is it just me? I keep reaching for my MIM relics with the 'flat' pickups to avoid this. Is there a way to change this? Or do I need to change my plucking position compared to the other basses?
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    You might experiment with the popular "rest stroke" technique of plucking. The idea is that your plucking finger comes to rest on the adjacent string. For example, if you pluck the A string, your finger follows through and comes to rest on the E string. Arguably this will give you better tone and economy of motion as compared to following through until your finger hits the pickup.

    Also in my opinion if you are plucking hard enough to hurt your fingers, then you are plucking too hard. Try turning up your amp and playing with a lighter touch.
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    Electric tape?? :whistle:
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    I don't like sharp, raised poles on my pickups either. I have a fairly simple solution. On the first string change, I unscrew the pickup and remove the cover. I shim the inside of the pickup cover with a few sheets of paper (I have cut up playing cards for this purpose) so that the poles are flush with the top of the cover.

    It is a pretty easy mod to do, is completely reversible, and lets the pickup "feel" the way I prefer.
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