Recommend a small (4 - 6 ch.) analog mixer w/ >2 Aux Sends

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    Dec 29, 2012
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    I'm a bit out of the loop on what's currently available...~20 years ago I would be looking at a Mackie VLZ or something similar, but I have no idea whether those are even still made.

    I'm looking for a tiny -- both in terms of # of inputs and form-factor -- analog mixer that has at least 3 Aux Sends per channel. And at least 2 of those 3+ Aux Sends (though preferably all of them) must have Pre/Post fader switching capability.

    Rotary pots are fine, it doesn't need to have linear faders. Channel On/Off or Mute switches would be an ideal feature. The inputs need sufficient gain to handle instrument-level signals, but I don't necessarily need any microphone preamps. Channels can be mono or stereo, though if they're stereo each channel pair has to count as "1" of my "4 - 6 ch" feature request.

    What's out there? Preferably not Behringer.

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    small form factor, 4-6 channels and 3 aux per channel? Big ask, IMO. You might get 2 aux with one of them being a dedicated FX aux.

    You might have to compromise on channel count and, by extension, form factor. Maybe there’s something in the digital mixer realm?
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    Mar 16, 2007
    Yamaha MG serie have 2 aux , one being pre/post.

    It's a big ask for a small form console to have 3 aux , pre/post switchable.
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