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  1. Good Afternoon!!

    First it has been a while since I have have been on here that I set-up a new account and it is good to be back.

    I have been using Elixir Nickel Plated or Stainless Steel for years however the last year I, and likely many, have not been able to find any in-stock anywhere.

    I am curious from those that have used these strings on what they are using now or if anyone has any recommendations.

    Thank You ALL!!
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  3. I like the Warwick in your profile pic!!! But anyway I have been shopping strings like mad lately and I remember seeing ebay having some elixir strings. If not them then you'll probably get them at fret nation or just strings. So what are the things that you like about the elixir strings?
  4. Thank You everyone!!! I have been looking like crazy and will be ordering a couple sets.
  5. Thank You!! I plays fantastic and sounds even better.
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