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Recording on PC through a GT-6B

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by Spikeh, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    I have a Sound Blaster Audigy Player, don't really wanna upgrade it for the time being, and it doesn't have a digital in, so I'm using the phone jacks.

    I've just bought myself 2 mono 1/4" jacks and a 3.5mm stereo jack (and some wire). I'm gonna be wiring it up at work today, and don't really have a problem doing it - but I AM worried about plugging it into my sound card. It's got a line-in, which is what I plan to plug it in to... but I'm worried it might damage the sound card / speakers.

    I don't understand impedance - all I know is that my amp itself has 2 speaker outputs with a 4ohms impedance. Could the output signal from the GT-6B's right and left channels (phone jacks) blow my sound card? Do I need anything in between?
  2. no, it should be fine going from your GT6 - you might want to use the XLR out though for a balanced signal which will give you a better recording level. I've used my GT6 into ProTools many times and have gotten a decent tone. You can also control the level you are sending from the GT6 by adjusting the output level if you are worried. Try playing with some of the amp models, you can get some nice tone shaping between the modeller and the parametric EQ.
  3. don't ever plug your speaker outs of your amp into your computer! if your amp has a line out you could use that, but not the speaker outs.

    they do make DIs that can handle a speaker out level, but I haven't used them before, so I unfortunately can't comment on that...
  4. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    OK... so I've plugged in and it works... the problem is that I'm only getting the right channel through (using Goldwave to record for now). I'm pretty sure I've wired it up properly, and I've even re-wired it to be sure.

    I can plug the jack that works into either output on the GT6 and it still sends the right channel only.

    Any ideas? Surely it shouldn't do this... Could it be a faulty stero 3.5mm?

    Oh... and in case anyone's interested - I recorded 'Otherside' by the chilis straight off... I'm impressed with the quality in comparison to what I'm used to:

    http://spikeh.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/files/Chris_-_Otherside.mp3. I made quite a few mistakes, but I didn't try to get it perfect! Any comments on the style of play would be appreciated too ;P
  5. You got quite a nice tone there, what bass and modelling/settings are you using?

    each of the outputs on the GT6 is mono, so if you combine them you will get a stereo signal, but if you only use one, you will always get a mono signal. If you are using one output, then use the left one which says (mono) on it - bass is usually recorded mono because it sits in the middle of the mix with the kickdrum - it is really only necessary to record stereo bass if you are using stereo FX

    Alternatively you could wire two 1/4 mono jacks to a single stereo 3.5mm if you want a stereo signal.

    you should consider getting a small (even just a 4 channel) desk it will make recording much easier...
  6. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    Umm... that's exactly what I've done! But only the right channel is coming through... I'm gonna go and get a new 3.5mm stereo jack today, cos I reckon I might have broke the right channel connector with the soldering iron. Basically I was wondering if the bass SHOULD only record on the right channel, or if I've wired the jacks wrong or something...

    I'm bypassing all the settings (as far as I can tell so far, I still haven't messed about with it too much!) but if it doesn't truely bypass, then I've got it set to the Trace Elliot amp and 2x15 speakers (but they're both turned off). I play an active Deluxe Fender Jazz - I was quite impressed by the tone myself when I recorded it!
  7. Ahhh... the deluxe jazz - that explains it...

    The GT6 does have a true bypass - if you press the tuner button twice it will show **bypass** in the display - even with no fx or modelling, the GT6 will still change your tone slightly compared to the true bypass...

    Yeah, if you've wired it like that you should be getting a stereo signal, but those 3.5 stereo jacks are a bit of a mother to solder cause they are so small!
  8. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    Yeah, I get ya! I've just had one of the engineering guys solder a new 3.5mm jack on to it... gonna try it again tonight and see it it works! :)

    I was also impressed how good I sound recorded (I know it's not perfect, but it definitely makes me feel good to hear myself close-as-possible to the original)... plenty of mistakes, but they'll go in time!
  9. Does the GT-6B not have a stereo headphone jack?

    Stereo headphone jack into stereo Line In.

    I plug my BOSS ME-50B with a mini 1/8inch stereo cable from Radio Shack - no sodering needed (just a 1/8inch stereo to 1/4 inch stereo adaptor for the BOSS unit). And yes, the ME-50B is dual mono, but I usualy record both channels and alter (different EQ, more compression, etc.) the seperate channels differently,... makes for a really big and wide bass sound.
  10. Yes, this is true, you can use the stereo headphone jack to record with, but a headphone jack does not have an optimal output level for proper recording.
  11. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    well, you'll all be happy to know that it now records in stereo! Woo! Brought it back in to work today to shrink the covering around the bare wires, and had to re-solder the stereo jack... think I might have buggered it up again, but we'll see tonight!
  12. good luck and enjoy!

    your bass is already sounding sweet, so you should be able to get an awsome tone with only a little bit of playing around.
  13. If you can solder at work, you should probably have a multi meter around that you can use to check the connectivity.

    Is it wired like this?

    1/4" L + _______________> 1/8" tip
    1/4" L - _______________> 1/8" sleeve
    1/4 R - _______________> 1/8" sleeve
    1/4 R + _______________> 1/8" ring

    Should work like that.
  14. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    It's wired right - it's fixed! I'm just worried that I've melted the connectors on the stereo jack again! :p

    And Bovril - I have a Trace Elliot 122H 300W that I play through, I can get some beautiful (and HORRIBLE) tones out of that baby... the recording is just through the GT-6B! Not sure I can record the amp sound tbh...

    I'm well impressed - every time I've tried to record before, it's come out really horrible (from a 20W Peavey amp straight into my PC :|).