No longer available REDUCED 1977 Fender Jazz Bass

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    221E3676-216D-45AA-BB38-B13DA3301392.jpeg 17B05078-AC8C-4592-9AFB-76F37D7AF5F6.jpeg 4D9E5338-E849-4BFD-8C32-0A80091F7CA9.jpeg 07CFD60D-4D69-43E9-898A-C71D76734146.jpeg 8F2054D3-E195-4767-8862-4E9E8CF797F1.jpeg CB81A9C1-38E4-461A-AEA1-97D6C20D1417.jpeg 0B4B0A70-10C0-4F1F-AFB1-2219AB406D94.jpeg BE29CF5D-0A18-4338-ADA2-74E50DF52EB8.jpeg 4726AC68-683F-4B4C-A428-3D098F6EB63A.jpeg 5C99905D-7A8B-4F5D-A1AE-2192F6F57526.jpeg 4569C339-3BDD-4642-B571-990212A0A8F3.jpeg 427CAA07-6857-40C0-A844-A9741402667E.jpeg 8F2D776E-986D-4C67-9CF4-6C5DD34D6AB6.jpeg 7BB55835-D39E-48E8-B926-C46D7EBAED34.jpeg 1977

    PRICE REDUCED AND FIRM. Fender Jazz Bass in Mocha. This bass is a players bass that could use a nice setup job. The bass is all original minus the neck pickup which was replaced. The original neck pickup comes with the purchase. The neck has been shimmed which isn't uncommon in this era. The strap buttons may not be original as they look gold in color. The bass comes with what I believe is it’s original case. It does not have the fender logo on it.

    The bass has a fair amount of checking, Knicks, dings, and chips which give it a very cool and real roadworn vintage vibe. The color is still rich and vibrant so it is hard to photograph the finish issues. If interested, please ask for more photos and I will get them to you.

    Weighs in at 9.2 lbs. The bass needs a setup in my opinion, currently playing with medium-high action and the shim could probably be done better. THIS IS A PLAYER BASS THAT NEEDS SOME SETUP WORK. $2200 shipped in case.

    The seemingly random array of photos is to show the checking and dings in different light since they’re so hard to photograph. The photos with the strings moved aside are to show the edges of the inlays. The frets have life left in them!
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    5CDE8558-299E-4B7C-A092-DFDBB684831C.jpeg Twins…
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    Very cool! I have another mocha here so they could actually be triplets. Mocha finishes never get the same love as some other finishes but I think they are sweet!
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