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  1. Hi,

    I am a relitive newby but I have played for 20 music year with a 8 year break. Last played banjo. Now I finaly found an instrumet that really suits me. I'm presently playing in a progressive blugrass band (Twisted Creak) Its all fair game in our group. Any way I want a light Electric and would like feed back on the Eminence 5 string. Would this be the a good or best choice? Please let me know I don't want to go thought what I did on banjo!
    Doug K
  2. Doug -- The Eminence isn't an electric, it's an acoustic that comes with a Realist pick-up installed on it. I've played one and liked it very much, but whether it's the best choice depends on how loud you will need to get. Compared to real electric uprights, the Eminence won't get as loud, since it's an acoustic and will be prone to feedback at high volumes, and the Realist generally doesn't get you as much gain as other pickups.

    If high volume (i.e., playing with a loud drummer or other loud instruments) isn't an issue, the Eminence is a nice instrument.