Rewiring 90's Ibanez MIK EX series 5 string

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  1. Ali G

    Ali G

    Jun 3, 2021
    Hello TB, this is my first post here.

    I am in the process of rewiring a bass for my dad which he acquired from a pawn shop. The previous owner angrily ripped the wiring from their standard configuration, so I am tasked with figuring out how they were originally intended to be soldered. I can't find a diagram anywhere. This is a truly a neat bass that feels solid like you would expect from a MIK with a dark red finish, gold knobs, and a black Hi-Mass bridge. What a gem in the rough.

    AFAIK it is a standard vol/vol/tone JJ jazz bass configuration (although it could be vol/pan/tone), with some wonderfully confusing extra Ibanez twists. Firstly, I am trying to figure out:

    Which wires coming from the pickup cavities are hot and neutral? Larger white wires with a braided layer can be seen as well as the red wires which are soldered together (irregular for a jazz configuration; maybe for potential pan pot?)

    Additionally, there is a Green wire that is soldered to a single lug on BOTH (volume?) pots and also soldered to the back of BOTH the pots. This is confusing to me.

    The two White wires from the first volume pot are not connected to anything, nor are the Red, Yellow, and Black wires from the second volume (pan?) pot.

    I'm assuming the white wire from the output jack is the input signal. Not sure where this is supposed to go on the tone pot. The pictures don't show it well, but it is definitely connected to that bottom output jack lug separate from the lug that holds the grounding copper.

    I'm also assuming the bare wire that is poorly woven through the copper is the bridge ground which is also supposed to be connected to the lump of solder on the back of that tone pot along with that loose tone capacitor?

    There is also a loose red wire which might have originally been jumped from the red wire coming from the bridge volume (why Ibanez?), similar to my Talman TMB100. It also could have been part of that messy copper at the output jack, as you can see one end is completely missing any frayed wire.


    My greater question is whether I should gut the electronics and start from scratch with new pots and in the fashion of a proper jazz configuration a la non-Ibanez Jazz bass diagram or try to salvage what is here.

    I can take more detailed pictures, I hope this isn't too much of a headache for anyone. Thank you so much in advance.
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  2. Thud Staff

    Thud Staff Supporting Member

    Jan 2, 2017
    Looks to me, there are 2 different sets of electronics in there. The pickup leads look to be EMG (?), the shielded/white inner conductor cable being the pickup leads, the red for battery power.

    The pots and the wires appear to be the old passive pots/harness for the EMG Select passive pickups that usually came in these basses.

    I could be wrong….if not, you can buy a new harness set from EMG for the active J’s or buy some passive J pickups that fit the routs…
  3. Ali G

    Ali G

    Jun 3, 2021
    The pickups certainly have the appearance of EMGs but without the logo, as there are no exposed pole pieces, just flat black covers. I am now learning from my dad that this was in fact an active circuit, so that explains why I am missing some things such as a preamp and battery.

    Thanks for the advice, could you point me in the direction of the EMG harness? I am completely at a loss figuring out where to go from here or what exactly I need. (new pots, battery, preamp etc?)
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