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    Jun 28, 2005
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    Some of you may have heard that a batch of MID rics had a problem were the color bled onto the binding of the neck and body.

    My 05' 4003 was affected by this and about 3-4 months after I bought it, I sent it in to rickenbacker to get it refinished. The refinishing was covered by the warranty but I had to pay for shipping.

    Now 2 1/2 years later I'm starting to see it again on the neck and my warranty is probably expired.

    Should I even bother with sending it back or just live with it?

    Even if they cover the charge, I will be away from my only bass for 3 weeks and will have to pay for shipping again.

    Anyone else have their ric refinished and was affected by this a second time?
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    I would say call them and ask. If it bled the first time and you sent it back and they used the same products/process and it's bleeding again..a company worth it's salt will take it back and redo it again. They seem to have good customer service and wouldn't imagine they would leave you hanging but let us know how it turns out!


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  4. Made in Denmark (AKA Rickenbackerssen) :)
    Made in Djibouti :bag:
    Made in Deutchland (AKA Das Rickenbacher) :)
    Made in Denver, US :D:D:D
    Just joking, I am curious too..
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    It's RIC's shorthand for the color MIDnight blue
  6. Thanks, I am not knowledgeable about Rics.
  7. Mine has that problem too, though I didn't bother shipping it back because I live in Germany. It's really not a bid deal to me as the bass still sounds a great as it should. Maybe ask to get a percentage on your next Ric purchase ;)