SOLD Rickenbacker 4003 White w/ OHSC

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by electracoyote, Jun 16, 2021.

  1. electracoyote

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    United States
    Serial number YJ 1904 dates it to October 1985. Don't let the age fool you. All that stuff you've heard about a Ric holding its tuning forever? It's true with this one.

    Ric only makes a run of the 4003 in a white finish every once in awhile. I priced it based on age + rarity of finish. I'm keeping my other white 4003, and let me assure you, it's a head-turner in looks and tone on stage. I've got a sizeable and varied collection, and few of my other basses get as many compliments.

    Currently strung up with ground wounds 100-80-67-45, if my calipers are to be believed. Not my choice, it came that way, but they seem to work well on this bass. Plenty of life left in them. Final string choice is on the buyer. I used this as a back up and I don't think it ever got played in public, just sat there ready and waiting, so it is essentially a used case queen. As a back up, it was well-maintained and kept ready to gig right out of the box if your set up preferences are close to mine. Lack of exposure kept it unusually white. It's starting to yellow here and there, but not much relative to its age.

    I'm respectfully asking my fellow TB'ers to please do your research and have some Ric experience before committing to this bass. They look cool, sound great, and many players want to sound like Geddy or Squire, but they are also idiosyncratic, controversial, and aren't for all players. It's not for the tire kicker buyer who didn't know or anticipate the quirks of a Ric. If you're new to 4003 basses, find one local, hunker over it for a good while, and carefully decide if it's for you. Everything from ergonomics to set up procedure is a little different with a Ric, and some players can't stand them. If you don't know how to work on a Ric, you need a tech who does, and not all do. I ask respectfully that you please don't make me pay for your inexperience as I'd rather not deal with returns. There are plenty of volatile threads here on TB to make my case. This should go to a good home with an understanding and appreciative owner who intends to keep and play it. I don't even care if you flip it, just please don't return it because it turned out you don't like Rics.

    That being said, you might also want to do additional research into 1985 4003's - it was a transition period for Ric. This one still features the dual rod system, but the adjustment nuts are located at the bottom of the neck where it meets the body wings, under the top split pickguard plate, not at the headstock. That's the main difference, and it doesn't change a thing in terms of function or stability. I played it as I prepped it for sale and the neck/action/relief are exactly where they were last time, which was long ago. Those rods (and the neck) are steady as the day is long. I haven't needed to touch them in many years (though rarely, I do have to tweak my newer 4003 rods more often). You still use the same 1/4" thin-walled nut driver (not included), but right now almost all relief has been removed, action is quite low, and little-to-no buzz up and down the fretboard (IF you typically play with a moderate attack like me...I can't be accountable for how hard you dig in and user preference may require tweaking the set up). Also, Ric stopped using the vintage tone cap during that transition. I don't have one in my keeper 4003 and I don't miss it. Of all the neck profiles I've experienced in 4003 basses over the decades, this is perhaps one of the nicest; not too fat, not too thin.

    I believe the case is an original Ric 400X series form-fitting HSC, though it's not badged (maybe it fell off?). It's clean on the inside, a little beat on the outside, you can see scars and residue from old stickers, but all latches and hinges work and no chunks missing. The bass is in a little better shape, plenty of honest player wear, swirls, scratches, a little checking and a small ding here or there, etc. Ric finishes are relatively thin, so a Ric this old and played is going to show its age. Some of the black powder coating has flaked (see the jack plate), a little screw rust and patina. Nothing that impedes function in the slightest. I think I showed the worst of it in the pic with the black scratches and at the edge near the jack plate. No big missing chunks or divets, it is in pretty good shape for its age. Almost no buckle rash, the back is relatively clean. I can't take pictures of and be held accountable for every single finish flaw. All original, no aftermarket parts. Ric-O-Sound works as it should, all electronics and controls work as they should, pretty clean, little-to-no scratchiness. Pickup covers long gone, they weren't there when I purchased it used. The string damper screws were removed before I bought it and are not included. Should be easy to find a set and maybe restore that function if you need it. The rubber damper is still there well below the strings. No worries about tail lift as Ric got smart and started using two extra bolts on the bridge which is rock solid and probably always will be.

    I've done my best to describe it in detail, honestly, and provide pics; it's a player's bass, not a collector's, but feel free to ask questions via PM. I'm firm on the price and that includes shipping in the CONUS. Priced to move as I'm actively thinning the herd in anticipation of smaller residences. Sorry, the crazy powers that be have made it too much hassle to ship outside my country. It will be boxed and packed professionally. Buyer can tell me if you want it shipped UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Not interested in trades, payment via PayPal only.

    Thanks for looking and reading my novella. And now on to the visual portion of the program...









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  2. electracoyote

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    One offer via PM, sale pending. Still fielding back ups.
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  3. Lammchop93

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    Feb 4, 2007
    Louisville, KY
    It doesn't get much cooler than that. I wish I had the scratch for it. good luck with the sale!!
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  4. Warpeg


    Jun 20, 2005
    That is an amazing price for that!!!
  5. electracoyote

    electracoyote Supporting Member

    It appears to be sold.
  6. happycamper

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    Sep 15, 2011
    Dang! Sad i missed this. Hope it goes to a good home!
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  7. Quadzilla

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  8. JLY

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    It illegal or unethical

    still seems wrong to me
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