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Robbie shakespeare

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Granville, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Its a obvious link:


    But I was amazed just how much music he'd actually recorded.

    Does he endorse anygear? a huge influence on me picking up the bass and using my finger.

    Id like to know what the Black uhuru stuff was recored mostly on bass wise as he mustve D.I.
  2. bassist15


    Mar 6, 2006
    I dont think he really endorse to much gear but the basses Ive known him to use are Fender Jazz , Hofner Beatle bass , and Steinberger.
  3. He also played a really nice Fingerbone bass in the 90's

  4. I remember the steinberger but the hofner surprises me.I imagine it would of been trace in the 80s but Id love to read about the early reggae gear as they really had make do and mic-d-up quite alot,very uneven basstones back then but very cool.
  5. bassist15


    Mar 6, 2006
    The Hofner was a hand down from his teacher , Family Man Barrett. It was Family Man's first real bass and then he handed it down to Robbie.
  6. MakiSupaStar

    MakiSupaStar The Lowdown Diggler

    Apr 12, 2006
    Huntington Beach, CA
    Family Man and Robbie are two of my heros. Hands down.
  7. jerry

    jerry Too old for a hiptrip Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    Most of the Black Uhuru material was recorded with the Jazz and then the Steinberger. I saw the original Black Uhuru with Sly & Robbie a few times back in the early 80's, just a awesome experience and some of the best music I ever saw, and I've seen a LOT. Just massive power!
  8. ^^^^Envy!!! lol,you lucky fella,was Sly playing a simmons kit if you remember and was it trace gear?

    Those guys can groove&they program like they play,unreal.

    I think they played on the Scientist albums too.

  9. Playing with his thumb at some parts ,hes a rocksteady machine!
  10. pbass2


    Jan 25, 2007
    Los Angeles
    He's also used a Paul Reed Smith bass quite a bit as I understand it.
    Bill Laswell says when he plays up at his studio he uses one of Laswell's old P-basses with flatwounds. I'm certain he's used flats pretty religiously.
    I think he'd sound like Robbie Shakespeare pretty much no matter what bass you put in his hands. I've never heard a deeper groove coming from a bass . . . .
  11. Mojo-Man


    Feb 11, 2003
    One of my hero's.
    Big Big Groove.
  12. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    I think I saw these guys (before I knew who any of these folks where) with Peter Tosh at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor MI in the early 80's.

    It was good, real good.
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