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For Sale Sadowsky UV70 5 string bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by dikger, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. dikger

    dikger Supporting Member

    3F791DD8-6F21-4F73-9FD5-D0364FCF4706. E131C541-EFD1-4A85-A69C-1636CC113879. E131C541-EFD1-4A85-A69C-1636CC113879. D997690A-DC2E-4E44-A99E-BCA5E17403B5. D997690A-DC2E-4E44-A99E-BCA5E17403B5. Up for sale I have a 2006 Sadowsky Metroline UV70 5 string for sale. Made in Japan. Color is a transparent Beige (think Mary Kaye Stratocaster), the grain is visible though the finish. The neck is maple fingerboard, and has the block markers. Great looking old school look. Pickups are hum cancelling, i believe. CaMe to me with a black pickguard, but i changed it out to a tortoiseshell. Original included. Comes with original Sadowsky case. Has an adhesive protective film on the back buckle area, to guard against rash. Also surrounding the bridge pickup. Film on control cover as well. Previous owner installed.Case has a couple of scratch marks on it, thanks to our cat, but still in great shape. Overall condition is excellent, i would say. Price is $2000.00, plus shipping. Strap shown in photo not included.Private message me with any interest. Thanks.

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  2. Lowbassrythem5


    May 11, 2019
    Nice,,can you add more pics?
  3. dikger

    dikger Supporting Member

    I’ll try and post more pics.
  4. ManuBerdin

    ManuBerdin Supporting Member

    May 14, 2009
    Nice , weight ?
  5. dikger

    dikger Supporting Member

    I’ll weigh it tomorrow morning. It is on the heavy side though.
  6. dikger

    dikger Supporting Member

    Weighed this morning on a bathroom scale. It came in at 10lbs 6oz.
  7. dikger

    dikger Supporting Member

    I also added a few more pics this morning.

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