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    Good day ladies and gentlemen. Are you on the hunt for a high quality and versatile jazz bass? Thinking of buying an american fender? Why get a factory made, mass produced instrument when you can get something that is handmade meticulously in Germany at the same price?

    Presenting to you the Sandberg California II TM4! This black beauty was made in 2016 and is setup with brand new DR High Beam strings and all ready for you to pick it up and rock it out! No issues whatsoever, action is extremely low and comfortable to play. All Sandberg basses are pleked, so action can go as low as you want.

    Photos and Specs
    Bass is made in 2016 in still in excellent condition and well taken care of. Alder Body with a Delano singlecoil pickup in the neck position and a Delano Musicman pickup in the bridge position.

    Sandberg bridge with 18.5mm to 20mm adjustable string spacing. Beautiful high gloss black finish and light-weight body (8lb 11oz/3.8kg)

    Preamp built by Glockenklang and modified for Sandberg. It has an active/passive push pull, 2 band equalizer with passive tone control and a pickup coil tap switch for the MM pickup to switch between humbuckers and singlecoil for incredible versatility.

    No dings/nicks/buckle rash. Only light scratches from usual use that don’t really show up in photographs.

    Beautiful Ebony Fingerboard ($230USD upcharge) with 22 Frets including zero fret.

    Look at these shiny and polished frets. Lots of playtime left on them!

    Maple Neck with no signs of wear. Neck is as straight as an arrow right now as I like to setup my basses with a straight neck.

    34" Scale with Matching headstock ($205USD upcharge)

    Sandberg new lightweight tuners

    Action is super low and easy to play. E String is currently at a height of 2mm at the 12th fret and it plays like butter with no buzz.

    Will be securely shipped in a TKL Hardcase that retails for around $150USD​


    Click on the video below and get ready to be blown away by the tone of this quality instrument! (Use headphones or listen through quality speakers)

    I also recorded some sound samples of the actual bass itself. What you hear is what you get! These clips are recorded direct using logic pro through a noble bass di with no post processing done.

    When compared with other basses, you can distinctly hear the superior difference of Sandberg’s Delano pickups and Glock Preamp combination. The Delano pickup set has the grind and grit of traditional Alnico V designs, but they spark up quickly when you apply the shimmering highs of the preamp. In active mode, the Glock preamp makes dialing in the coveted modern J slap tone a breeze, but it can just as easily deliver the big thump. In passive operation, the bass speaks with an articulate midrange that carves out its place in the mix. When bypassing the preamp, the treble knob works as a passive tone control, giving you the full range of control. The TM pickup configuration allows you to switch from the classic J-Bass tone to a StingRay vibe with the flip of a switch and turn of a knob.

    Sandberg basses have a reputation in the industry for top-notch construction and quality. This bass is located in Singapore but the price includes the bass being professionally packed by my local guitar shop and shipped + tracked + fully insured to anywhere reasonable. I accept PayPal as well. I also accept $1599USD or $2100SGD (Singapore Dollars), whichever has a better conversion rate for you. Bass is sold as it is.
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  2. Bassfreakz

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    Apr 14, 2014
    Weekend price drop to $1499 packed+shipped+tracked+insured to you! A couple of offers but nothing concrete. Don’t miss this chance to grab a killer bass that’s different from the usual standard models with no upgrades.
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  3. Bassfreakz

    Bassfreakz Lovin The Low End

    Apr 14, 2014
    Final crazy price drop to $1399 packed+shipped+tracked+insured to you. Really motivated to move this so just hit me up with those offers!
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    Is this still available?
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