Sansamp VTDeluxe Channel Switching Problem

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  1. Hey TBers!

    I'm going to do my best to give you all the details about what the problem is, how I'm using my VT Deluxe and thus why the channel switching on it is so important for me. Please let me know if I miss out on any important detail.

    First off,

    The Problem

    I'm getting a faint signal with a lot of noise (static-like) out of all patches on Channel B when I'm connected to the Main Input (Channel A) of my VTDeluxe.
    Channel A (all 3 patches) work fine.
    Problem seems to go away when using Channel B Input.

    Unit History

    I bought it used on Reverb in March '19 and I'm not sure if the problem is something I caused or if I made an existing problem worse.

    Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe | Reverb

    Initially I did not have any such problem and I would switch between Channels A and B without any issue. I noticed some slight noise on Channel B (when plugged into Channel A) a couple of months back but it could be easily solved by wiggling the input cable/patch cable slightly. This solution worked until this morning.
    Now there's next to no signal from the unit on Channel B (with input on Channel A). On boosting Gain to Max on my Amp/interface, I can hear a faint signal with a lot of crackle-y static-like noise.

    Possible Solution

    The issue seems to vanish when I plug into Channel B directly. This, however, does not allow me to access both sets of patches at the hit of a button (which is what the Channel/Bank Switch is supposed to allow me to do).
    I could use an ABY Pedal before the unit and that means tapping on different pedals to switch between Banks but that's inconvenient to say the least.

    I ruled out patch cables as a source of the problem by checking each cable individually.

    I used a contact cleaner on the Main Input (Channel A) as well.

    What I use for power

    I've been using a OneSpot with a Daisy-Chain for a couple of years now.

    I run it well under its' mA rating (which is ~1700mA?) and all my other pedals seem to be cooperating among each other (running 9 on my board currently).

    To rule out power, I hooked up my VTDeluxe to a battery and tried the check routine with the same result. This was done with the pedal being the only element in the signal chain.

    How I use my preamp

    My VTDeluxe is always right after my compressor and in-line with my other pedals. I occasionally use the FX Loop when I need to use the XLR out on the unit.

    Usual Signal Chain

    COMP > VTDeluxe > Octaver > Future Impact > HOG2 > Modulation > Volume Pedal > Delay > Reverb


    COMP > VTDeluxe > FX Loop {Octaver > Future Impact > HOG2 > Modulation > Volume Pedal > Delay > Reverb}

    This issue is a pretty major inconvenience since I save sounds for 2 different basses on either bank with different levels or, in certain scenarios, I'm using 6 different Clean and Drive tones with one bass and the ability to switch Banks quickly is a must-have.

    Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Correlli


    Apr 2, 2004
    Wellington, NZ
    You could try cleaning the input jacks with 800 grit wet/dry paper. just wrap some paper around a short piece of dowel that will fit inside the input/output jacks and give the contacts a clean. You could get some Contact Cleaner and give the pots and switches a clean as well.
  3. JimmyM

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    Apr 11, 2005
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    Had this problem once. Cleaning the jacks with Deoxit worked for me, especially the loop and thru jacks which I never use, so there was a bit of corrosion buildup causing it.

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