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    For a new band project, I need to get a P bass. And for peace at home I need to avoid adding another bass to my inventory. The one “expendable” bass I own is a Sterling by MusicMan Ray34CA. It’s a great bass that I’ve used as the backup to my EBMM Sterling 4H but find I prefer the SBMM for some songs. I’m guessing the bass was made in 2011 or 2012.

    Since the time of the photos I:
    - Cleaned the bass thoroughly, including polishing the frets
    - Replaced pick guard screws (which had been rusty) with new black ones
    - Replaced the control cavity cover screws (which had been rusty) with new chrome ones
    - Had the bass set up by a pro; installed Ernie Ball Cobalt Roundwounds
    - Installed Schaller Security Strap Locks

    I am having trouble with identifying any flaws with this bass.

    - Lightweight ash body (not as light as my MIM Geddy Lee Jazz, but not as heavy as my Ric 4001)
    - Slab body styling (no forearm & belly contours)
    - Glossy tinted neck finish
    - 38mm nut width (1.5”, same as Fender Jazz)
    - 34" scale
    - Classic active 2-band preamp
    - Classic Ray34 pickup with alnico polepieces
    - Maple fingerboard
    - 19mm string spacing

    A couple weeks ago I bought a decent Roadrunner gig bag for this bass. I will include it in this trade.

    In exchange for this bass, I want a P bass. By “P bass” I mean a Fender Precision, whether a MIM or even American, preferably in 3TSB with a rosewood (or pao ferro) fingerboard. I do not want a PJ. If you have an American-made model, then we can discuss how much cash I need to bring to the table.

    Note 1: I also would consider a G&L LB 100 or Tribute.

    Note 2: I also would welcome offers for a straight-up purchase. Again, I think $400 is a reasonable price for this awesome bass.
    20C6A823-4B2A-4FC9-8E54-A5072EB3B43C.jpeg 40D4E614-163F-4CC6-ACBA-8C1340010D4A.jpeg D83CD01D-1427-4839-937A-678F46EFC2FC.jpeg 33FDBD04-9A6C-433D-8C91-82E302543C37.jpeg AB2F453B-1406-4FC8-873A-8B1959C9063D.jpeg 90B67E29-4C7C-4736-A7AF-F69DC30CBBBE.jpeg
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    Oct 24, 2012
    Manchester, NJ
    I’ve owned a couple of these. They’re really great Basses.
  3. It is a great bass. The only thing I don’t like about it is the gloss neck. The oiled/waxed neck of my EBMM has spoiled me.
  4. SacRush

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    @Jimruth - No mention of shipping cost? Is it included?
  5. Do you know how much it weighs?
  6. Been a few months but any chance this bass is still available?
  7. Scandar88


    May 25, 2020
    What a beautiful bass! I wish I had seen this when it was first posted.
    I hope your project went well.