Schecter Stiletto Studio 6, what string scale should I use?

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  1. It's hard enough finding good 6 string flatwound/half round sets, it's even harder finding some in extra-long scale. My Schecter's neck is 35", and I've been wondering if long scale would suffice. The distance between the farthest post and the end of the neck is 5 1/2".
    I had always used regular long scale strings before, up until my luthier told me he required extra-longs.
    Thanks for helping!
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    It kind of depends on the brand, sadly. Some brands (Kalium) use "long scale" to mean 36"-37", and others use it to mean 34".

    If you go to BassStringsOnline, the winding length is usually posted there. If not, email Jason (the site owner) about it, and he can get that information to you pretty quickly.
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    I use long scale, not extra long chromes on my 35".
  4. I usually shop on, and since I live in Canada I can't have Ernie Balls shipped, so I mostly go for d'Addario XLs. This time, I thought I should try their half round strings, but it's only made in long scale for 6 strings.
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    You have to order the Extra Long 5-String set and a single High-C. The High-C is "Long Scale" but since it is the same winding for the entire length of the string it will work on your instrument.
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    I use GHS Precision Flats, which I order from Carvin packaged as a six string set. About $29.
  8. I did that once, only I hate having to pay 50$+ for a set, especially for my secondary bass.

    For now I ordered a long scale pack of XLs Half-round via juststrings. Next time I order strings in advance, I will check out bassstringsonline. Thank you all for your insight!