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  1. I was fortunate enough to play the new Schroeder PreAmp at the NAMM show at the Taylor stage with Marc Seal last Saturday. As soon as I get a link of the video I will attach it to this post. The preamp was designed by Jorg and Dave McKeen. It will be available in about two to three months according to Jorg, and I am definitely getting one!!! It was extremely easy to get a great tone out of the pre. I used my LEJ and a front loaded Schroeder 410 cab:
    I believe the pre will have a four band eq section consisting of:
    low, mid/low, mid/high, high
    a mute switch, a DI, and will be solid state. I will keep this thread updated with specifics as quick as I get them from Jorg.
    Let me also say that I almost didn't have an amp/head for the gig...Jorg saved the day!!! Jorg let me use the prototype pre along with the QSC power amp and the cab, he really is one of the nicest guys in the business. :hyper:
    Jorg Schroeder, Me, Miko Espanol
  2. im Guessing its the one in the middle???
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    Can't wait to hear more about this!
  4. You are correct Jam!!!
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    I want to hear one as well.
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    what are all those front loaded cabs there

    I have not seen those before

  8. Those are custom cabs.
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    The front-fired cabinets are custom shop models.
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    Stay tuned for more details on the Schroeder preamp. The version that was at NAMM was the prototype and it sounded really good. Jorg and Dave are working on the final version and it should be released pretty soon.
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    I just got an e-mail from Jorg and he said he is also releasing a full bass amp head. He said it will be 1,000 watts at 4 ohms and 1,400 watts at 2 ohms. He said it will probably be released this fall.
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    cool! I think I'm gonna email Jorg right now.
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    What was the tone like?

    A certain colour or clean sounding?
  14. I just found this on YouTube:

    It's me playing with Marc Seal at the Taylor Stage this past NAMM show. You can't see me but It's me, he introduces the band at the end. Also, I was playing my LEJ through the Schroeder preamp and 410 front loaded Schroeder cab.
  15. Here are some videos of me playing the Schroeder Pre at NAMM:
    They are the videos labeled Live with Marc Seal.
    Thanks for posting them MIKO!!!!! Also, thanks for shooting the video Brian!!!!
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    Rock on Steve! I finally got to work on the videos the other day but it took forever to upload them to youtube.