Seattle hijacked airplane - radio chatter

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    Mar 30, 2014
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    Jan 17, 2014
    Dublin, Ireland.
    Thankfully nobody else was hurt.
    That Seattle tower guy did a great job trying to keep control of this sad situation.
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    Oct 14, 2016
    I was surprised to hear the tower initially tell him to line up on 16 center without knowing who he was.
    That aside, once this guy got airborne, he signed his death certificate. It would be hard enough for someone without any training to land a Cessna 152 without balling it up on or near the airport. But a Dash 8? No chance. That's a handfull of airplane and with no concept of airspeed/pitch control, landing attitude and about 20 other parameters that plane (and he) would either be a smoking hole before he reached the field or 3,000' debris field.
    No comment on his mental state other than to say it seemed like he would have like to hike the Olympic mountains that he was flying near. That's a positive that I heard.
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  4. The video's of the plane being tailed by the F-15 are pretty interesting. Its sad that this guy made the decision to steal the plane and ultimately end his life.
  5. twinjet

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    Sep 23, 2008
    Finally, the whole conversation!
    Nevermind... Like every other video, they edited the crud out of the dialogue.
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  6. There's two more related videos, so a bit more available. But heavily edited.

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