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    So I just recently upgraded my rig to a 4x10 and a 1x15, but I don't like having just a giant wall of sound. I originally bought the second cab so that I could send just my highs to the 4x10 and the lows to the 1x15. I'm looking into getting a Crown XLs 1500 so that I can use the crossover setting to send the highs and lows to the seperate cabs, but I don't know where to set the hi and lo pass filters. The lowest note that my band plays is an F#0 which rings out at 23.125 Hz and the highest is a G4 which rings out at 391.995 Hz. I was thinking about setting the filters at 200 Hz, but I don't know if that's to far in the middle or what. Could somebody help me figure out where the filters should be set?
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    You're gonna wanna base it more off the capabilities of the speakers. Check the manufacturer's specs on the frequency response of each (if possible you'll want the graph that shows where each slopes down, just to make your life easier), make an educated guess based on that, then use your ears to adjust from there. I was just reading that a problem with 4x10 + 1x15 is that the different sized speakers can cause phase cancellations in different places in a room, so maybe have a friend walk around a room in front of you playing and see if they notice a difference. Also, the SWR triad has the crossover point between the 10 and 15 at 100, so if all else fails that could be a good starting point.
  3. Considering most 4X10's are louder AND lower then 1X15's, I would use the 4X10 for low and the 15 for highs.

    The other way around, you would only need a 6" mid driver to keep up with a 1X15, so it makes using a 4X10 for highs useless.
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  4. and that's about all you need to know.
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    I have similar problem, but i am using 2x12 guitar cab (engl 212 pro with celestion vintage) for mid/hi and ampeg svt410HLF - this cab is low ass hell !
    I don't have crossover yet, but hi/mid distorted freqencies sounding great with guitar cab, much better and harder than throught svt410HLF twitter.

  6. And the 115 has better dispersion than the 410.
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    More of a downgrade in reality. There's so much information on this site concerning the inadvisability of this pairing. A simple search can get you all you need to know.
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  8. Necrobump.

    An easy way would be a ABY pedal into a bass eq with the lows cut righf off for the guitar amp and the highs reduced on the bass amp.

    There can be a phase problem using guitar amp like that. There is at least one active ABY with a phase switch.
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    This product can do it, it include phase switch. : ART Pro Audio
    I Think better solution than pedals.
  10. Yep that will work very well.