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  1. Hi all,
    I just got a used Fender Affinity P-bass and the action is a little high. What should it cost to have the action set lower and the intonation set if needed, etc.? In other words, how much to give the bass a check-up? :D
  2. Call your local guitar shop, google is your friend too.
  3. Thanks, I figured I'd try and get a ballpark figure first. I could google it, I guess, but what's a forum for if not to gain information?
  4. A full set-up here in the midwest is $50.00
  5. Between 45 and 65 usually. What you want to have done though is actually pretty easy to do yourself and once you know how you'll never have to pay anyone again to keep your bass in tip-top shape.

    All you need is an allen set to adjust the saddles/intonation as well as the truss rod if it needs it. There's bound to be a ton of vids on youtube walking you through it, if you're so inclined. If you'd like to try to learn how to do it for yourself and have a webcam feel free to PM me and I'll probably have some time this weekend I can walk you through and suppliment what you saw on youtube.
  6. The place I go to is 50 bucks too
  7. Okay, thanks. I'll get some small allen wrenches tomorrow and give it a shot. It shouldn't be too hard to adjust the saddles.
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    Make sure you have a good tuner as adjusting the action will affect the intonation.
    It is a good skill to have, but in my opinion a good set up by a talented tech or luthier is worth every penny. Then once you get it done, making small adjustments are easy.
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    Jan 29, 2010
    In Austin, the shop I go to ranges from $55 - $75 not including strings.
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    Wow that's a great offer big90sbasshorns. ;) Way to help a TB'r :)

    Setup is usually around 45/50 not including the new strings. It never hurts to have a good tech look at it the first time in case there are any issues you wouldn't know to find. From then on you know the neck is good and you can mess with it.

    I would also like to point out the OP should read the ALL BASIC SETUP QUESTIONS ANSWERED HERE at the top of this forum BEFORE turning a single Allen. Just to be sure you understand what is involved and what NOT to do before Big90 can help you.

    Edit: It is easy to do some damage if your don't follow the directions given in the stickies. I say give them all a quick read first to be safe.
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    Where do you go in Austin? I go to Bass Emporium and I think Chuck does it for $45 but it is a vague memory. Very hazy.
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    I go to Bass Emporium. It's like a car wash, they do a little more for a few more bucks.

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    In my town, setups range from $25 to over $75. And I would put the difference to "talent" or "experience". Generally, $25 will get you the basics, where $75 is more likely to get you a pretty finely done setup with a lot more attention to the details. Not that you won't get a decent setup from the lower price range, but there is generally no "if" in the upper end services.
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    A local shop here in S.E. PA. quoted me a price of $40.
  15. Thanks a lot for the offer-I appreciate it, but I don't have a webcam. I will check out Youtube for setup vids though, before I touch it. I might look into having a J pup installed, too. I like the sound a little better than the P-bass pickups.

    I've read through the Fender setup sticky and I think I can handle it...I'm not scared to try adjusting the saddles for the action and intonation, anyway. I think I'd have to take it to a tech to adjust the truss rod, though. I don't trust myself THAT much...:p

    BTW, I checked the action height at the 17th fret and it's just a tad over a quarter inch- about 6 mm or so. Way too high for me.
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    Hey lenosgood,

    Like you I recently got a used Squier Affinity P (2002). I`m kind of spoiled though. Our local music shop of 26 years is incredilbe,I kid you not! Set of Ernie Ball Slinkys (med.gauge),they installed the strings for me gratis :hyper: and gave the bass your basic "$25 set-up" and had it done by 4pm that day (dropped it off at noon) AND only charged me for the price of the strings + sales tax!!!

    +1 Your Locally Owned and Operated Music Stores
  17. Wow...I hope I get that lucky!
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    Small town price $50, and I pay the luthier in cash.
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    I live in the Dallas/Ft Worth midcities area, and I've seen prices $50 and up, I've never paid more than $35. I deal with either Kerry in Hurst, Tony in Halton city, or Eric in Duncanville.