SOLD Shaw Tube Injection Preamp

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    Dec 23, 2003
    Bring on the tube tone! The Shaw Tube Injection is in excellent condition. Just a few light scratches.

    The magic is in the Fat switch which engages big spatial tone without being muddy. Really cool.

    Comes with power cord and red knobs.

    $600 shipped CONUS
    Might be open to trade offers. Let me know what you've got.

    C879A5EA-198D-4751-942B-A5F225348936.jpeg 0E3A79B9-123F-4A3B-9D6D-18B3734DA31E.jpeg BBEB560D-B3A1-44F3-ABA9-A204DF1AD690.jpeg 37A0459C-EBCE-4B69-A58E-F275E2D15393.jpeg DF5DCFF6-13BA-4073-91D0-C705A89CC634.jpeg

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    Dayumn. Sweet.
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