Should I buy a Lakland Decade?

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  1. I have a chance to pick up an active Lakland Decade. I like the idea of the Decade, but have never played one.
    I don't need it as such, so I'd have to sell one of my 6 basses.

    1. 2012 USA P bass + flats
    2. 1978 MIJ Aria Pbass + rounds (matsumoku)
    3. Lakland skyline DJ4 Jazz + rounds
    4. Lakland skyline HB34 + tapes
    5. Fretless 2000 CIJ fender jazz
    6. AJ55, but reluctant to sell it cause it's my only 5er.

    I do a good amount of live session work ranging from salsa, contemporary Latin, to top 40's, pit orchestra etc etc.

    The decade in question is active, with the coil tap, so it's upgraded.

    I'm leaning towards selling the matsumoku P bass, but it is an awesome instrument.

    Would appreciate input on where the bass could fit sonically, and if it is a downgrade over my current arsenal.


    Pbass: IMG_20191205_194941_1.jpg

    The arsenal:
  2. Anyone?