Should I shield the cavity before swapping to EMG TWXs?

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  1. I'm enjoying my new Brice HXB2-405 3235 RN Headless. I am however planning on installing a set of EMG TWX pickups. The original pickups and electronics are a little quirky and have a bit of buzz when the bass is turned the wrong direction. The bass came with what appears to be shielding paint in the cavity. I have heard that the active EMGs usually are very quiet and that putting copper shielding over shielding paint can have issues. Should I try them first without copper shielding or just go ahead while installing them? I hate to change two things at once and not no exactly what is what. BTW, the pickups are on special order, so I'll have to wait a bit.

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  2. Do not "double shield" a bass with copper tape, unless you use the kind with conductive adhesive. You don't want to create a giant capacitor by layering conductive materials with a dielectric between them.

    If your bass is already shielded, then you gain nothing by adding more shielding. Don't waste time with that.

    Most people say that shielding is unnecessary with EMGs, so I would not be concerned, but in general, EVERY bass should be shielded.
  3. Line6man,
    I think it was some of your comments in other threads that made me think to wait on adding the second shielding. If I were to do it, the copper tape I purchased from SewMac is supposed to have conductive adhesive. I'm definitely thinking of trying them out without adding the copper shielding.

    Thanks you
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    If additional shielding is found to be necessary, would using additional shielding paint be a good idea?
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  5. Since the cavities are shielded with paint, additional coats of paint would be preferable to using copper tape.

    It is doubtful that the OP would notice any difference, however. Especially with EMGs.
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    I've seen other threads saying the extra shielding creates capacitance. I understand basic electrical, but am not strong in electronics. So what happens when this capacitance is created? Does it mess with the sound, or does it create a static shock?
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  7. I'm not sure that it's ever been a problem for anyone, but you want to avoid quirky issues like that, because they can cause unexpected and difficult to diagnose problems, like static and intermittent ground failures.
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