Should your cabs match?

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  1. I'm looking to add another cab to my rig, I'm thinking probably a 1x12, my question is whether I should try to match my cabs. I have a Bag End S15BD, so should I buy a Bag End S12D or would it not matter if they were different brands? What if I got a Aguilar GS 112? thanks!
  2. Match them from equivalent power handling/impedance standpoint. Equal ohms cabs should have similar power handling. The 4 ohm cab should be rated about twice the power of the 8 ohm cab, since it gets most of the juice.

    There's no difference mixing types of cabs from the same manufacturer compared to different manufacturers.

    You can pick a cab that compensates for the shortcomings of your existing cab (Shy of bass? Get cab that goes lower. Short on high end? Get a bright cab). Or if you like how your current cab sounds, get another.

    Whatever sounds good works. Handling similar amounts of power isn't strictly necessary, but helps from the standpoint you don't have to worry about one on the edge of disaster while the other isn't putting out anywhere near its full potential.

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    Nov 12, 2005
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    Execpt for looks and all brands aren't the same quality, for that matter the same brand may make different quality cabs.
    If the ohms are right and the RMS is right, it's fine.
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    Jan 14, 2004

    seems there was a thread not long ago (sealed/ported cabs maybe?) that mentioned not using two different ported cabs to cover the bottom end. To use two of the same if that was to be done or a sealed and a ported. At least if I understood it correctly. The reason being it muddied up or washed it out - different tuning frequencies I guess. Just remember the jist of it.

    Maybe something to look into if you're wanting to run two full range cabs.
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    Is it possible that some cabs will be out of phase with each other, and cancel out certain frequencies?

    I think this might have been the case when I was using a Goliath III 4x10 with my Powerhouse 4x10. I seem to get a ton more volume with the GIII switched out for an Avatar 2x10 pro.
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    The cabs don't see one another. Matching is not necessary from a technical or reliability standpoint. However, if one cab is seriously more efficient than the other (even by a measly 3 dB), then you might as well leave the less efficient cab at home. An exception to this rule is if one cab has more efficiency at frequencies where the other cab has less, in which case you are basically running a woofer-tweeter arrangement.
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    Jan 14, 2004

    I'm one of those guys that doesn't like to have two of the same thing myself. So it's against my grain to go in that direction but I going to jetison my 15" speaker collection soon and I've been thinking about another cab lately as a result. So I've been paying some attention to the cab posts. Nothing I've paid any attention to for a while but I don't really recall mention of such incompatability previously. Seems most of the guys in the know responded to that thread though and the related comment didn't draw any flack so I assume there was at least enough concensus not to "debate" it.

    I ran stereo for about a year and what I do know is, from mixing over a dozen different speakers through a power amp and a few different combinations of combo amps, I ran into enough in the way of mismatches to where that's not something I want to deal with in the next cab purchase. Probably why that bit in the thread caught my attention. I'd never really thought about it. But mixing the popular cabs I don't know about and have no personal experience with.

    Given I like the GS 112 anyway and that I've read numerous post of guys using a pair of them being satisfied, I've decided to go with another one. In fact, the first GS 112 I ever heard or played through the guy had a pair. He was an attorney by trade but had played bass for 20 years and I recall his comment that his cab search was over. Sounded good enough to me to look into them further and ended up buying one to check out. No complaints.
  8. IMO, if both are bass cabs and covering the same range, they should not only match but also should be the same model (same tuning).

    The pro sound guys found out that mixing different subs in the same stack is detrimental to bass production.

    If the intended cab operates in a different range, use what you want.
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    Is there any "tolerance" in rms ratings between (2) cabs? For instance, I have access to a Sunn 2x15 (300w RMS) 8-ohm I'd like to pair with my GK 115RBH (400w) also 8-ohnm of course. I'm looking to pair this only to support the 115RBH for larger venues (big rooms and outdoors). It's $299 and I'm short of funds for another GK cab right now. My 1001rb-II and the 115RBH seem plenty capable for most venues we do (club circuit), but there are a few that have larger spread-out stages that may need a little more fill. Any issues with that pairing? Comments welcome. Thanks.