SOLD Sire V7 5 String, Transparent White/Ash

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    Aug 13, 2007
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    Up for sale, a very good condition Sire V7 5 string. I received this as part of a recent trade. I wanted to see what the buzz was about and knew I'd likely sell to fund a few parts basses.

    This has one of the best B strings I've heard. Seriously. The B string Growls. The bass plays, sounds and looks great which I expected based on other reviews but man, the B string is a shocker. I can count on one hand the basses I've owned that had a B string as good and they cost a whole lot more.

    Bass is in very good shape with the exception of some corrosion on the pickguard screws and pole pieces. Otherwise it's like new. It takes a very good setup and is great to play.
    Ash Body, Maple on Maple neck. Three band EQ with active passive and mid sweep. Very nice and quiet electronics package. Weighs in around eleven lbs. If I were keeping it I'd replace the tuners with ultralights and the bridge with a Hipshot aluminum and call it a day. Probably knock off close to a pound. And those are the only things I could see replacing.

    I don't have a gig bag but will ship safely double boxed. Not looking for any trades.

    Priced for a quick sale $400 shipped CONUS. Paypal, Cash or money order. Happy to ship elsewhere if buyer pays shipping.


    23157223982_102db90d76_b.jpg IMGP0667
    22851028430_9292ce374b_b.jpg IMGP0666
    22778839749_c8e6ce8d4b_b.jpg IMGP0668
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    Sep 19, 2012
    Oh God, If wasn't holding myself, I'd tell you to send it over to me!! Sooooooo gorgeous!!
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    Jun 20, 2012
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    really good price.... should go quickly.... last fill in gig I did I had to answer 10+ questions from crowd and band on details about the bass.... it's that good......
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