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Site to share bass overdubs

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by schecter5string, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Soundcloud has really clamped down on this. Almost every song i try to upload gets blocked because of copy right infringements.
    So is there a place i can upload my bass overdubs of cover songs and it not get blocked?
  2. Youtube? I see covers on there all the time
  3. Speaking of bass overdubs, anyone know where I can find backing track songs for bass? I'm looking for songs from bands like KISS, Heart, AC/DC and Led Zep/ and so on but all I can find are generic backing tracks like Blues Jams in E etc.. I found plenty of backing tracks for guitars but nothing for bass.

  4. I make my own.
    I take a .mp3 load it into my recording DAW, in my case reader.
    I then apply a notch filter with either a graphic eq or parameteric eq to the .mp3. I notch out enough so that when i toggle the effect off the bass drops out of the mix.
    I then play the bass line over the .mp3.
    This doesn't make a track without any bass, but it works good enough for my needs.

    Here is an example(with me playing the bass line)

    This is trojans by atlas genius.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply.
    What software are you using?
  6. I use Reaper.... although any recording software will work for this.
    Reaper is free to download and never expires, if you chose to buy a license it's only $70. Also Im familiar with this program so if you do decide to go with Reaper i can help you with the set up, and the process i used in the above post.
    Google Reaper download, download the program, and get back to me if you wish.