So I sold some things...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by lanceropolis, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. lanceropolis


    Mar 10, 2009
    So. Cal
    Just want to vent.

    I sold my aguilar db750, and my yamaha bb3000.

    Why? Well as for the db750:

    Everytime I used it I could never dial in my sound. Ever. I tried and tried, and it just wasn't me. I loved that amp, and wanted to make it work, but never could.

    The yamaha I sold because I had gotten a gibson triumph, and that is pretty much a go to bass. I LOVE that bass, and that tone. I parted with the Yamaha because I would never play it. I loved it, I just never would play it...

    So what did I get? Well obviously the Triumph, and for the head I got the Ampeg SVT - 4 pro. Gonna be testing it out early next week, but I have played through it before. i am kicking around the idea of getting a sonic maximizer as a pre. Anyone have anything to say about the SM?

    Anyway, just blowing off steam and sharing my gear stories.

  2. LCW

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    Mar 2, 2009
    I have been there before. I think i have some OCD sometimes i just freak and sell off alot of gear......i sold my EBMM wonderful tone sure i made like 200$ off of it, but why sell something so good?
  3. lanceropolis


    Mar 10, 2009
    So. Cal
    I sold the yamaha because it deserves to be played, often. I just wouldn't do that. I sold the aguilar because it just didn't fit my sound. I couldn't get it to be what I was wanting, and never found the tone that just made me happy. It didn't really represent me and what I was doing, and that is part of searching, and my tone is something that I want to take pride in, not just be ok with because it is a great amp.
  4. Fly Guitars

    Fly Guitars

    Dec 29, 2008
    Triumphs are great basses. Some people say you get the best sound in Low Impedence mode through a regular high impedance amp. This gives a lot less volume so you have to crank it up. It certainly gives a nice tone, less growly maybe

    worth trying anyway
  5. I used a BBE Sonic Maximizer (not sure if that's exactly what you mean) in the effects loop of my Ampeg B2RE for awhile. Everybody who knew anything about tone thought it was a big improvement.

    Then the lead singer of a band who doesn't know the difference between drop-D and tuning down a half step told me it sounded weird, like there was a chorus effect (not that he knows what chorus sounds like). We did some basement demo recordings, and there was definitely something strange going on with the bass.

    Maybe fiddling with the knobs would have fixed it. I just bypassed it ever since, and replaced it in my rack with an FMR RNC last week.

    The BBE Sonic Maximizers are really cheap. I got mine for $50 off craigslist in new condition. I think it's well worth the money to make a cheap rig sound better, but I think it's not worth it if you have good equipment. But for $50, you can certainly afford to experiment for yourself, which is what I ultimately recommend.